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More on Max Caster’s status with AEW after his controversial rap was removed from Dark

Max Caster’s Instagram

After the Aug. 3 episode of Dark featured a Max Caster performance that offended many, the show was edited to remove Caster’s lines. AEW President Tony Khan called the rap “terrible”, and vowed to personally oversee every episode of content the company produces going forward.

Then we didn’t hear much about it. But a match Caster & his partner in The Acclaimed, Anthony Bowens, taped for the Aug. 10 Dark wasn’t included in last night’s show. A rumor came out claiming Caster was suspended from AEW for two months, and told to take a sensitivity training course he’d have to pass in order to return. When this week’s edition of the company’s rankings came out, The Acclaimed weren’t on them - after last week being in the #2 position.

Something is definitely going on, but there was prompt pushback on the suspension rumor. A source told Voices of Wrestling it was “total fiction”. Then Fightful Select posted a report stating “we were told his appearances were ‘on ice’ as of that time, with no details provided to us on how long or even if that would last.”

Meanwhile Caster - who only posted one seemingly in-character tweet about the situation, and has offered no comment on Khan’s response to it at all - has removed all references to AEW from his social media.

Whatever you think of Caster or his rap, his taking the fall alone for what Khan admitted was a systemic failure seems unfair. But without much insight into what’s been going behind-the-scenes since last week, it’s difficult to make any judgements about the situation.

We certainly haven’t heard the last of this situation. Stay tuned.

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