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Darby Allin wasn’t talking about CM Punk, nope, he sure wasn’t

Just days ago, AEW announced a live episode of Rampage for the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on Fri., Aug. 20, 2021. Following reports of the company having talks with, or maybe even outright signing, CM Punk, eyebrows raised everywhere. When they named the show “The First Dance,” those eyebrows went up even more.

Then, Darby Allin said this on Dynamite a short while later:

That makes it pretty obvious, right?

Not according to Allin himself, who is now claiming he wasn’t talking about Punk at all, oh no he wasn’t. During a meet-and-greet with The Asylum Wrestling Store (transcription via Post Wrestling), Allin was asked about it and said this:

“No, that’s more Sammy Guevara [we were alluding to] because he calls himself the best ever. Yeah, well people read into it too much. Sammy Guevara, [he] calls himself the best ever so…

“It’s cool dude. It’s awesome that people actually care and wanna know what’s going on so…”

Which, sure, that could definitely be the case.

But come on.

We know what they were doing there.

Tick tock.

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