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Even in a Street Fight, Young Bucks find a way to pull shenanigans

The main event of a very eventful AEW Dynamite Road Rager on July 7 was the Tag Title Street Fight between champions The Young Bucks and challengers Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M.

The four men didn’t give us much time to adjust to Matt & Nick Jackson’s clean-shaven faces (the mustaches were only around for a week, but they made quite an impression) before things got pretty crazy. Crazy like a Destroyer off the apron through a table!

The madness led to where all Bucks matches do these days... shenanigans! When it looked like Kingston would submit Matt, Nick hit a 450 on referee Rick Knox. The elder Jackson tapped a second later.

Then Frankie Kazarian showed up to neutralize Brando Cutler. Eddie & Penta had Matt down for three after the same combination that allowed them to earn this title shot last week... when his younger brother pulled the replacement referee out of the ring. The Good Brothers showed up somewhere in there, too.

Shenanigans, I tell you!

Kingston pulled out a bag of thumbtacks, which lead to a bunch of stuff I couldn’t keep up with (that’s what Claire’s live blog is for, dontchaknow) like this...

A superkick party, including one after The Bucks shoved tacks in Eddie’s mouth, sealed the deal.

Can anyone stop these mustache-less monsters?

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