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Cody, celebrities & ‘Cowboy ****’ chants... wrestling crowds are back!

Crowds are back, baby!

AEW beat everyone else to the punch, hitting the road for a live show before a packed house in Miami’s James L Knight Center tonight (July 7). The difference was immediately noticeable. Hey look, it’s not Daily’s Place, ThunderDome, or the CWC!

Cody Rhodes kicked things off (cosplaying as Homelander from The Boys, for some reason), as his South Beach Strap Match against QT Marshall was up first. Before we even got to the promised ass whoopin’, we got something else we haven’t seen in a while... famous fans!

Left to right, that’s American Top Team’s founder (an Impact Wrestling veteran), BMF titleholder (kind of the UFC equivalent of the FTW belt), and the greatest women’s mixed martial artist of all-time & current UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion.

We also got a brawl into the stands, where there were people! Lots of them! Aaron Solow tried to get involved, and Dustin Rhodes showed up to chase him off! And don’t forget, we’re live, pal... there was also a lighting issue that caused the arena to go dark for a moment.

Oh yeah, Cody touched all four corners and beat Marshall. But wait until you hear the Hangman chants!

The “Cowboy Shit” ones when Page ran in to save Evil Uno from Omega & Good Brothers was even louder. But I’ll probably mark out about that more later.

Right now... wrestling in front of fans in different buildings is back!

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