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The Young Bucks banish Dark Order to ‘BTE Dark’

My love of AEW’s Hangman Page storyline is documented, and certainly influences how much I popped for the DVD extra/Easter egg related to the angle on this week’s edition of Being The Elite.

The final scene of “Moustache”, episode 263 of The Young Bucks’ long-running YouTube series, features the Jackson brothers confronting Evil Uno & squad. Matt & Nick are pissed Dark Order was “stirring up old emotions” by confronting Kenny Omega and trying to inspire Page to go after the AEW World title on Dynamite. The uber-douche Tag champs also take credit for the Order getting over via their show (and they’re not entirely wrong there, but there were other factors - namely Brodie Lee). So as punishment for messing with Elite business, the Bucks declare Dark Order is no longer allowed on BTE.

Instead, they’ve been sent of to Sammy Guevara’s vlog. Which Matt & Nick call “BTE Dark”.

It’s a funny bit. There’s some pathos too, though. Hangman, who’d been working on the video with D.O., returns to the group just after they get the bad news. And the look Page & The Bucks share in the hallway before that moment is brimming with emotion from a storyline that’s been playing out online for years.

The self-doubt Hangman’s struggling with is evident on his face when he sees the guys who take credit for his success, just like they do with Dark Order’s. He’s worried The Elite is right. Will their pulling the same crap with his new friends, who actually do believe in him, be enough to spur the cowboy to action?

Stay tuned to TNT and YouTube (or cSs) to find out!

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