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Jon Moxley: ‘Domino’s Pizza needs to chill out’

New Japan Pro-Wrestling ‘The New Beginning in Osaka’ Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

During a match on AEW Dynamite this past week, there was some monumentally weird timing when a Domino’s ad came on during a picture-in-picture sequence that featured Nick Gage taking a pizza cutter to Chris Jericho’s face. The timing was such that it seemed like it couldn’t possibly have been a coincidence but Domino’s quickly came out and distanced itself from the whole thing, and even mentioned “assessing our advertising presence” on Dynamite moving forward.

As far as that goes, Jon Moxley had a humorous response when asked about it during an interview with Cincy 3:60 (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

“Domino’s Pizza needs to chill out. They need to chill man. It was a coincidence. You know what? Jump on the bandwagon, man. You don’t think Nick Gage can sell some pizzas for you? Come on. You know that The Noid is played out at this point and you’re bringing back The Noid? Come on.”

I am endlessly amused that this situation exists at all but I’m just as grateful for it because it gave us that incredible quote. Only in pro wrestling would you get an issue like this.


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