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AEW is already doing a great job with CM Punk

Red Carpet Premiere Of Girl On The Third Floor At The Chicago International Film Festival Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Queensbury Pictures / Dark Sky Films

I won’t go out of my way to spoil anything for anyone else but I don’t really care about spoilers. In fact, oftentimes when I’m watching a movie I find particularly tense, I’ll hop online and read everything that happens before actually finishing the film. I’ve cheated myself out of some surprises this way, sure, but there hasn’t been a single time that I’ve felt I cheated myself out of any enjoyment of said movie.

In many cases, I might even argue the opposite.

Having said that, I also understand the value in a legitimate surprise and how said surprise can greatly enhance a big moment. Pro wrestling has to thread a thin line to walk in that regard. A promoter wants to reward its fan base with surprises, yes, but it’s a bit of a Catch-22 because that same promoter can maximize the value of that surprise if they actually spoil it and simply advertise it.

To that end, AEW is doing one hell of a fine job with how its handling CM Punk.

To be clear, I don’t know if he already signed with the company or not. I’m assuming that’s the case, and would be shocked if it isn’t, and to that end they’re doing a fantastic job of building a lot of hype for his showing up on television without outright spoiling that he’s going to do so.

They announced a show at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, and they’re calling said show “The First Dance,” a reference so obvious I don’t even need to explain it. Darby Allin promoted it by using Punk’s catchphrase. There were a ton of teases for him during Fight for the Fallen.

Again, they aren’t outright spoiling it. But they absolutely are telling you to tune in because you might just get one hell of a surprise. That’s creating a great deal of genuine excitement, and continuing AEW down its path of creating a genuine pro wrestling powerhouse.

Stay tuned.

I know I will.

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