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Stephen Amell knows one thing for sure about CM Punk’s return to pro wrestling

Just like any other pro wrestling fan, Stephen Amell can become easily excited about what he sees popping up in the rumor mill. That definitely includes the rumors about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan potentially signing with AEW.

Amell recently worked with CM Punk on the Starz series Heels. During an interview on Busted Open Radio, Amell described a text change he had with Punk after the rumors that he signed with AEW began to spread:

“I actually texted him when all this stuff broke. I’m like, ‘You coming back?’ And he sent me back a photo of a cat shrugging like this.

Look, anything, I think as a general rule, anything in the world of pro wrestling that is gonna piss Vince McMahon off and get his competitive juices flowing, is probably good for business. Maybe great.

I’ll tell you, the only thing that I know for sure is that Phil can still go. For sure. He’s in great shape...I would love to see those guys show up in AEW, or WWE. Phil vs. Triple H, you name it. It’d be great.”

Amell doesn’t sound worried at all about Punk keeping up with the physical rigors of pro wrestling.

If CM Punk really is debuting with AEW in August, how do you expect his performance in the ring as he approaches 43 years old will compare to his prime years in WWE a decade ago?

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