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Jericho’s a bloody mess after beating Gage, and now he gets The Juice!

AEW didn’t do much to sanitize Nick Gage for his main event match with Chris Jericho at Fight for the Fallen on July 27 in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was MDK all day right from the jump as he sliced The Painmaker with a pizza cutter right at the bell.

This pleased Maxwell Jacob Friedman greatly. MJF was on commentary to watch the Second Labor he’d assigned to Jericho. Le Champion will have to win all five to get another match with Max.

Jericho avoided an early light tube attack by retrieving his trusty baseball bat while Gage was throwing plunder in the ring. But it wasn’t long before there was blood streaming down his face - and that was before the pizza slicer across the forehead.

The King of Ultraviolence set a pane of glass across some chairs and planned to splash through it onto Jericho, but the veteran reversed things and hurricanrana-ed Gage through it!

It was all about, and on, broken glass from there. Jericho’s and Gage both attacked with light tubes and took moves onto the shards strewn all over the mat. It was a traditional finisher that put a stop to the carnage.

But MJF already has his next card ready to play, and it was a callback to the early days of his interactions with his former mentor. For Labor #3, Jericho will have to beat his old foe, the legendary luchador Juventud Guerrera - with a move off the top rope!

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