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The Elite deny Hangman Page & Dark Order title shots

Being The Elite teased a new look for Hangman Page at Fight for the Fallen, but they didn’t prepare us for the entrances either of the teams in July 28’s 10-man elimination tag got.

Page got a full cowboy-themed video before he and Dark Order showed up in matching gear.

The Elite came out with a full Space Jam presentation.

They didn’t waste any time teasing the showdown between Hangman and World champ Kenny Omega. Both Page and Dark Order could secure title shots with a win, but it’s the former tag partners who should main event in the future. AEW didn’t give us much of that initially, though.

After a hot opening stretch for the good guys...

...Alex Reynolds was the first man eliminated. Karl Anderson was pinned shortly thereafter, and Dynamite went to commercial with the sides even at four a piece.

Stu Grayson (who recovered after a nasty-looking bump when he overshot a corkscrew moonsault to the floor) and Doc Gallows were eliminated by countout.

The Belt Collector pinned Evil Uno, and it was Page & John Silver against the core Elite trio of Omega & The Young Bucks heading into a second break. While TNT was with their sponsors, the Bucks apron powerbombed Hangman, so Silver was all alone when we returned. Johnny was Hungee for an elimination, but couldn’t get one. Nick Jackson missed the dunk on a hooped up Indytaker, but the heels were able to pin Silver all the same.

The Cowboy was the last gunslinger left. He survived a three man Superkick Party, and a rope-assisted 450 splash from the younger Buck. A double Buckshot lariat led to a pin on Matt Jackson, but Omega’s belt-related shenanigans gave The Elite control. Hangman kicked out of that attack, but it led to One Winged Angel, and the dream was denied.

But just for now, right?!?! THIS CAN’T BE THE END!

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