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AEW Rankings (July 28, 2021): New women’s #1

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AEW released their latest rankings (July 28, 2021). Let’s check out the movers and shakers.



No changes for the men this week. Hangman Page has the opportunity to cement a world title shot if he can prevail victorious in a 10-man tag match. Hangman will be teaming with the Dark Order to battle the Elite.



Nyla Rose dropped out completely from #1 after losing to champ Dr. Britt Baker DMD last week. Everyone else moved up one spot accordingly, and Red Velvet is back in the mix at #5. Nyla being given the boot is a bit of a surprise, but it makes sense since there are so many strong records with the women feasting on Elevation and Dark.

Thunder Rosa has the inside track to a title shot as the new #1. She will have a chance to make a statement tonight in action against Julia Hart.

Tag Team:


AEW is back with their clown show rankings manipulation in the tag team division. Santana & Ortiz were conveniently placed back in the top 5 for their match against FTR tonight, even though, Proud & Powerful’s last tag team win was June 4 against a pair of scrubs on Elevation. Eddie Kingston & Pentagon were sent packing from #3 with a 6-1 record. Since Death Triangle is back together as a unit, I suppose the short-term partnership is over between Kingston and his best friend.

Do you agree with AEW’s rankings this week? If not, what would you change?