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The Young Bucks got jokes on those CM Punk, Daniel Bryan rumors

Rumors are swirling surrounding the futures of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, with multiple reports from various outlets claiming the two are either in talks with All Elite Wrestling or have outright signed with the company. That would be one hell of a coup for the up-and-coming promotion, who have proven to be a viable alternative to WWE in just two years time.

Bringing Punk and Bryan on board could signal a paradigm shift in mainstream professional wrestling.

But while Kenny Omega took a more serious approach when addressing all this, The Young Bucks, seminal figures in the creation of AEW, have taken to joking around about the whole thing.


Then today:

That’s just good stuff right there.

Of course, assuming some of the rumors are true it could be another month or two before either of the two make their way to television and/or pay-per-view. That leaves plenty of time for more jokes like this while the rumor mill keeps right on churning.

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