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Jericho survives MJF’s first Labour, but the second will be MDK (all f’n day)

Nick F’N Gage is coming to Fight For The Fallen for a No DQ match with Le Champion.

Chris Jericho has to survive Five Labours - matches picked by Maxwell Jacob Friedman - in order to get a chance for revenge against MJF.

It would have been pretty anticlimactic if he lost the First. And he didn’t, pinning Shawn Spears to end a match where Spears could use chairs, but Jericho couldn’t. He needed a run-in from Sammy Guevara as an equalizer against Tully Blanchard’s distraction in order to get to where he could hit the Chairman with Judas Effect, though. So MJF announced that in the other four Labours, if Le Champion can’t have any outside help.

That’s not the biggest problem facing Jericho. Friedman also announced Jericho’s second Labour, which will take place next Wednesday at Fight For The Fallen in Charlotte. It’s a No Disqualification match against none other than the King of Ultraviolence, Nick F’n Gage.

The man brought a pizza cutter to the announcement. What the hell is he gonna bring to the match?

Also worth wondering, will any of Gage’s AEW or AEW-adjacent rivals like Jon Moxley or Matt Cardona show up to observe? They can’t get involved per MJF’s newest stipulation, but they could make things interesting afterwards.

Business just picked up. MDK business.

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