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AEW Rewind: Shawn Spears’ creepy chair obsession, Max Caster hits mainstream with his raps, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

AEW Road to Fyter Fest Night 2 hyped Chris Jericho versus Shawn Spears, Dr. Britt Baker DMD versus Nyla Rose, and Lance Archer versus Jon Moxley.

Spears behaved oddly treating the inanimate object of his chair as a living being. They have an understanding with each other. No arguing, second guessing, or conflict. They act in agreeance always. Spears requested to go first in MJF’s Labors of Jericho. If he beats Le Champion, it keeps Jericho away from MJF and also cuts the legs out from under the Inner Circle. It would make it that much easier to conquer them.

That was an odd promo from Spears in regard to the relationship with his chair. When he dumped the black glove gimmick, it was because he didn’t need the crutch of reliance. Now, he’s back with his beloved chair. I’m curious to see Spears’ reaction if the Inner Circle tossed his chair into an incinerator. It wouldn’t surprise me if Spears jumped in the fire to save his precious. At least whatever is going on in Spears’ twisted mind has made him more interesting.

The package for Baker and Rose was mostly recap highlights. It is interesting to note that Baker has never beaten Rose, and now she will have to do it with the AEW Women’s Championship on the line.

Archer will get his chance to regain the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship in a Texas Deathmatch against Moxley. Archer views that title as one of the most important in his career, since it was his first major singles belt. Archer aims to prove he is one of the best big men to ever step in the ring.

Max Caster is breaking out with diss raps on TMZ. Caster took shots at LeBron James, Stephen A. Smith, Bill Cosby, and others.

Brian Cage has pretty much been kicked out of Team Taz. After Will Hobbs smashed the Machine with the FTW title belt to help Ricky Starks win, Powerhouse also threatened more pain if Cage returns to AEW. For Cage’s part, he doesn’t seem too broken up about losing the FTW gold.

Good news for Trent’s health. His neck fusion surgery was deemed a success.

Paul Wight might be coming back to the ring sooner than later. Mark Henry too. Wight teased that he should dust off his boots for AEW’s NYC show. Henry contemplated the same, but Wight didn’t want Henry stealing his thunder. The tone seemed more in jest to promote ticket sales, but you never know. It will be a big show after all.

Check out Cagesider Zak B running down the top highlights (here) of Elevation.

Being the Elite

“Good Old Fashioned Extortion” - Being The Elite, Ep. 265 (here) featured:

  • The Young Bucks enjoyed massage chairs in the airport. Cue a travel and shopping montage.
  • The Bucks and Kenny Omega went slow-mo for a photo shoot.
  • Omega tried to shave with a knife and fork. He was informed that Hangman Page was in the ring calling him out. The Elite gathered to hit the stage for the segment that aired on Dynamite.
  • Ryan Nemeth sat in a room like a serial killer. He poured the creamy white beverage into a super long beer bong, which led into the mouth of a passed out man who looked like Aron Stevens.
  • Trevor and Arthur criticized the Bucks’ clothing choices and questionable attitudes.
  • The AMEN crew of Vickie Guerrero, Nyla Rose, and Ryzin had their own cheesy sitcom intro. Their show has been cancelled due to a lack of funding.
  • Matt Hardy spoke with Omega and the Bucks. Hardy’s loss to Christian Cage didn’t count. He hasn’t slept in 72 hours after the birth of his daughter. That’s the only reason Christian won. The Elite are Hardy’s favorite EVPs. He continued buttering them up by saying the Bucks have officially surpassed the Hardys as the best tag team. Hardy put over Omega as the #1 guy ahead of Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins. Hardy was actually reading a memo Omega wrote himself. Hardy looked into the camera to say he stands with Omega.
  • Peter Avalon and Leva Bates shared a scene as if in a French movie. Avalon was drinking his sorrows and imagined Bates by his side. They will always have the library.
  • Brandon Cutler finished editing BTE when he found an extortion note. “Brandon, if you don’t get us back on BTE, we’ll show Matt & Nick the video. The blood is still on your hands. Love, Dark Order.” Cutler’s response was a worried, “Oh, shit.”

Not much to analyze in terms of Dynamite content, so let’s check in with the Dark Order on Sammy Guevara’s vlog (here). Sammy, 5, and Griff Garrison took off their pants to recruit the Dark Order to appear on the vlog. The Dark Order was still angry about 5’s insults last week. Sammy tried to smooth things over to create a dream team vlog. The Dark Order declared they would rather shave their dogs’ balls than be on Sammy’s vlog. They kicked the vlog crew out of their lair.

We’ll close with the newest line of AEW action figures. Miro summed it up best.

There are also toys for LJN style Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Kenny Omega, two for Dr. Britt Baker DMD (black glove and dentist coat), and two skateboarding figures for Darby Allin (TNT title and hobo clothes).

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