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The next chapter in the best story in wrestling

AEW’s Twitter

There’s a lot of good stuff going on in professional wrestling (and sports entertainment) these days. But for me, the best story is one AEW’s been telling since its inception in 2019 - Hangman Page’s long journey to the World title.

It’s one that’s seen Page lose and gain friends. More importantly, after coming up short in an effort to be the inaugural World champ at the first All Out, where he felt The Young Bucks didn’t believe in him, then losing to his estranged tag partner Kenny Omega for another shot at last year’s Full Gear - Hangman no longer believes in himself.

Or he didn’t until Dark Order convinced him to. It’s why the five-on-five elimination match between The Elite & Dark Order that was set-up at Fyter Fest Night One is a great story beat. Omega preyed on Page’s insecurity to goad him into agreeing to put his title shot on the line along with a possible Tag title shot for Dark Order. Hangman accepted against Evil Uno’s protest. Perhaps to repay his new friends for their support? Maybe so he can face his fears with his allies before he has to face them alone? Or could it be to give himself an out from having to risk failing in the brightest of spotlights?

Who knows, but seeing this play out in front of screaming fans who love them some Cowboy Shit - and hate the loathsome Elite - is great television.

No word yet on when the five-on-five will take place, but I’d guess July 28’s Fight For The Fallen edition of Dynamite in Charlotte. Then hopefully an Omega/Page World championship match at All Out on Sept. 7.

Giddy up.

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