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Darby Allin Coffin Dropped a coffin - with Ethan Page in it!

If you remember Darby Allin’s run as TNT champion, where he was main evented Dynamite with title defenses for a couple months, you know the man knows how to deliver. He knows what the people want, and to paraphrase AEW announcer Excalibur, he gives those people what they want.

Recently, he’s been working with a familiar and gifted opponent in Ethan Page. The latest iteration of their rivalry came to a head at Fyter Fest Night One in Austin - a Coffin Match. If you remember that run from earlier this year I was talking about above, you know it didn’t disappoint.

You know Sting showed up at some to deal with Page’s Men of the Year partner Scorpio Sky.

You surely guessed it was brutal.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that Allin won, doing a skateboard trick off the top turnbuckle onto All Ego’s back to drive him into the coffin so he could close the lid.

But even knowing Darby and Page’s history, and that both men are what we in the business call ****ing nuts, this spot from after the match was over still made me go HOLY ****!

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