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AEW Rankings (July 14, 2021): All Ego top 5 debut

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AEW released their latest rankings (July 14, 2021). Let’s check out the movers and shakers.



Matt Sydal dropped out from #5 after a loss to Andrade, and in walked Ethan Page to take that spot. Page has built a nice record under the radar. His only singles loss in AEW is his PPV ladder match debut. Page will get the chance to establish himself as a major player when he competes in a Coffin Match versus Allin tonight on Dynamite.



No changes for the women.

Tag Team:


The Young Bucks were kings of the street last week when retaining the tag titles against Eddie Kingston and Pentagon in a street fight. King and Penta dropped from #1 to #3 with the loss. The Varsity Blonds and the Acclaimed moved up one spot accordingly. Private Party hopped over FTR into #4 after a win on Dark.

Do you agree with AEW’s rankings this week? If not, what would you change?