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AEW Fallout: Darby Allin wants tag team titles with Sting, more!

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Big stories coming out of Dynamite (June 4, 2021) were Andrade making a surprise debut, Mark Henry speaking to the AEW fans, Cody Rhodes being pinned against QT Marshall’s Factory, and Dustin Rhodes clobbering Nick Comoroto in a bullrope match. Fallout includes Darby Allin’s desire to win tag team gold with Sting, the Gunn Club beating up QT Marshall and Anthony Ogogo, Mark Henry upset about wasted burgers, as well as other goodies such as Hikaru Shida beginning her re-rise in the main event of Elevation.

At Double or Nothing, Sting turned back the hands of time to blow the roof off the building. I don’t think anyone expected that, not even Darby Allin. The former TNT champ previously expressed his desire to recapture that belt from Miro. After seeing Sting’s icon status on full display in the ring, Allin changed his mind for the near future. He wants to chase the tag titles with Sting by his side.

Young Bucks versus Sting & Allin is an awesome idea. It is a dream match that would never seem possible, and yet here we are. Before that train leaves the station, Allin first has to compete against Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page in tag action with a partner other than Sting. Lance Archer is my pick to fill that slot.

As QT Marshall and Anthony Ogogo were basking in the glow of victory by pinning Cody Rhodes, the Gunn Club attacked.

I don’t agree with Billy’s actions to get payback for his son. Ogogo put Austin on the injury list for 8 to 10 weeks, but that occurred legally during a sanctioned match. It’s not Ogogo’s fault that Austin’s body could not withstand the power of his fists. The Brit did not cross any lines in that particular instance. I do want to see this scuffle settled in the ring though, preferably with Ogogo knocking everyone out.

When Dr. Britt Baker DMD said she had free Big Macs, she wasn’t lying. McDonald’s actually sent her 1,500 coupons.

Nyla Rose ruining Baker’s celebration was exciting, however, it wounded one man deep to his core. Mark Henry explained how the waste of burgers hurt his soul.

The Young Bucks have zero respect for luchador masks. They have purposely removed the masks from Fenix and Pentagon during matches. Fenix wanted pay back by taking the Jackson’s hair. Pentagon has now declared war.

I’m crossing my fingers that AEW serves up masks versus hair for the Lucha Bros and the Bucks. That assumes Fenix and Pentagon win. The Jacksons deserve to have their silky hair shaved off after so many treacherous deeds lately.

Speaking of hair, former champ Hikaru Shida is ready to restart her climb to the top. It began with a haircut.

Shida’s quest to rise again starts against Diamante in the main event of Elevation.

I like seeing Shida receive the respect she deserves with a tough opponent and prime position to close the show. It would be easy for AEW to treat her as an afterthought, however, this gives me hope that Shida will remain a key player in the women’s division.

The top matches for Elevation include:

  • Hikaru Shida vs. Diamante
  • Evil Uno vs. Danny Limelight
  • The Acclaimed vs. Alex Reynolds & 5
  • Varsity Blonds vs. JD Drake & Ryan Nemeth

Do you want to see Darby Allin and Sting climb the tag team rankings? Do you share Mark Henry’s pain? Are you excited for the start of Hikaru Shida’s comeback?