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What did Jon Moxley learn wrestling during the pandemic? ‘I didn’t learn ****’

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Jon Moxley was Garrett Gonzalez’s guest on a recent edition of The Fight Game podcast (h/t Post Wrestling), and offered one of the most Mox quotes in the history of Mox.

It came when Gonzalez asked the former WWE and AEW champ if he learned anything wrestling in empty arenas or with limited crowds during the pandemic:

“Honestly, no. I don’t wanna work in an empty building, I don’t wanna work in front of fake fans. If we have to do it — I mean, we and other companies too. Everybody, from IMPACT, Ring of Honor, New Japan, even the ThunderDome and all that, everybody figured out a way to make it work in wrestling and in other sports too. Like hockey and all them, you know? UFC. I mean everybody figured out a way to do it but like, honestly, I didn’t learn shit.

“I wanna go back to full crowds. I don’t wanna tape multiple shows in a day, I don’t wanna be out there changing outfits as if it’s a different day. I am not — I don’t like that. I like showbiz, live TV, I want the adrenaline, I wanna go out there live and do it once. There are times we were taping Dynamite or Dark or Elevation where like I might have screwed up a move, trying to do some lucha move or some shit with some of these fucking kids, and I’m like, ‘I screw it up’ and I just go, ‘Let’s do it again’ and then I get it right the second time and it’s cool because you can do that when it’s taped. But I’m like, ‘If it wasn’t taped, would I have screwed it up the first time?’ Nah, I bet I wouldn’t have because I would have been concentrating harder, I would’ve been more — because it’s live.

“I wanna do it live, I want real people. I wanna walk out of the arena, I wanna walk back through the locker room, hear the crowd outside the curtain, I wanna do it live one time. Fuck the pandemic. We figured it out, we got through it but once that’s over, I’m not — you know, I would love there to be, ‘You know, I learned a very valuable lesson’ but nah, I didn’t learn shit. I wanna do it live, live people, that’s what I want.”

There’s an interesting insight there about the mental approach to wrestling with the safety net of knowing it’s not live, especially in light of recent reports WWE is having their roster train to prepare for working in front of crowds again.

But mostly, it’s great because (a) fuck the pandemic, (b) fuck PR-friendly answers about everything being a teachable moment, and (c) “fuck it, we’ll do it live”. And because it’s Mox.