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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (June 4, 2021): Bullrope Justice

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AEW Dynamite (June 4, 2021) emanated from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. The fallout show for Double or Nothing featured Andrade El Idolo in a surprise debut, the Inner Circle taking a victory lap, and Dustin Rhodes dueling with Nick Comoroto in a bullrope main event.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Bullrope Justice

The main event was a hard boiled fight between Dustin Rhodes and Nick Comoroto. The stipulation was a bullrope match. The rope was tied around each man’s wrist with the winner to be determined by pinfall or submission. Excalibur clarified that a Texas bullrope match involves touching the four corner. Thankfully, this was a regular bullrope fight with the freedom to brawl. Rhodes had the advantage as a natural in such contests to dish out bullrope justice.

Rhodes tired to take the action to Comoroto on stage, but the muscle freak pressed Rhodes into the ring. Comoroto choked Rhodes with the rope, so Rhodes used the cowbell to break free. The brawling spilled into the front row of spectating wrestlers. Fuego del Sol jumped on Comoroto’s back. He paid the price by being tossed into the air on other wrestlers.

On one of the cowbell shots, Comoroto started bleeding from the hairline. That didn’t stop the hairy beast from powerbombing Rhodes through a table. The result was only a 2 count on the pin.

Aaron Solow had been meddling throughout. He stripped the turnbuckle. Colten Gunn showed up to engage in fisticuffs for a side exit. Rhodes used that distraction to nail Comoroto with a bulldog and a swinging vertical suplex. Comoroto powered out of the cover at 1.

The two competitors went down and dirty. Comoroto charged into the corner. Rhodes smartly launched the big man headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle. Rhodes pounced for a flying bulldog, then he hogtied Comoroto’s feet to ensure victory.

This bout had solid, rugged action with the flair of spectacle. I wouldn’t classify it as a barn burner, but it was satisfying as a beefy brawl. The pace and flow fit the bullrope stipulation. This feud has been brewing across all of AEW programming, so it was nice to see a pay-off in the main event. Comoroto performed well enough in defeat. His power game and intestinal fortitude shined. Rhodes is an expert at this genre of fighting, so he used his savvy knowledge when it mattered most. I appreciate that he won by backing up his words about bulldogging Comoroto to hell. It is enjoyable to see Rhodes receive some limelight every once in a while.

El Idolo

The biggest surprise of the evening was the reveal that Andrade is All Elite. AEW likes to pop stunning moments in their fallout shows, and this appearance fit the bill.

It began with the newly signed Mark Henry addressing the AEW fans for the first time. He is not here to fix AEW. He is here to turn the screws. Henry wouldn’t commit to one more match, but he has a lot left in the tank.

Vickie Guerrero interrupted to dismiss Henry and Tony Schiavone out of the ring. She then introduced Andrade El Idolo! Andrade used to say he is the face of Latinos, but now he will be the face of AEW.

Whoa! That’s a major score for AEW. It was an awesome shock to see Andrade show up, however, his initial appearance was a bit underwhelming. The message was simple and generic. No potential feuds were set up. Andrade kind of became an afterthought on this episode. I am still extremely intrigued to see how his career unfolds in AEW.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Young Bucks defeated PAC & Pentagon. The Bucks attacked Fenix earlier in the day. AEW refused to show the footage. The Bucks gave a headband to Michael Nakazawa in the front row to mock giving away gear to fans. Boom! Frankie Kazarian attacked Nak. The Good Brothers chased Kaz away.

The contest was a non-title affair. Down the stretch, there was a double apron whammy. Pentagon took out Matt Jackson with a piledriver, while Nick Jackson took out PAC with a German suplex. Nick yanked off Pentagon’s mask, but the luchador had a second mask underneath. Pentagon’s response was to kick Nick in the knickknacks then crush him with a package piledriver. PAC followed with a Black Arrow. Matt made the diving save on the pinfall. PAC was on the turnbuckles for a second Black Arrow, but Brandon Cutler clubbed PAC’s knee with his camera. PAC fell down to the mat, and Nick scored the deep stack pin to win.

After the match, the Bucks put the boots to PAC and Pentagon. Eddie Kingston made the save as the Bucks retreated. Later in the show, PAC and Pentagon said they were not interested in help from Kingston. Eddie explained that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Good action for the opener, however, the Bucks’ cheating gimmick is getting old. It makes me feel like matches are becoming a waste of time, because there are no consequences or repercussions. At least the Bucks are keeping their nefarious methods creative. Appearances from Kaz and Kingston provided intrigue to grab my interest.

QT Marshall & Anthony Ogogo defeated Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson. Cody locked in a figure-four on QT, then Ogogo came flying in for a frog splash to break the submission. QT hit a cutter on Cody. Even though Cody got his shoulder up on the count, Johnson came flying in to crash on QT to break the pin. Cody was ready to put QT away with a Cross Rhodes when Aaron Solow provided a timely distraction. Ogogo busted Cody in the kisser with a KO punch.

QT pinned Cody 1, 2, 3. Afterward, QT ridiculed Tony Schiavone for never believing in him.

Great news for fans of this feud. It still has legs to carry on. The finish was surprising with Cody taking the pin, however, it made sense with Ogogo’s punching power. Johnson and Ogogo rocked the ring in their moments of work. Johnson had great energy, and Ogogo continues to look like a star. Plus, the boxer got a KO moment over Cody. I’m not sure what is to be achieved by QT’s braggadocio, but I’m on board to find out. I don’t mind this feud progressing on a little longer, especially since I trust Cody’s ability as a showman.

Inner Circle victory lap. The crew celebrated their Stadium Stampede win over the Pinnacle. Santana wasn’t satisfied. Since FTR tried to end Proud & Powerful’s career with table piledrivers, he wants payback. Jake Hager called out Wardlow for an MMA fight. Chris Jericho vowed to beat MJF.

Inner Circle laid out the road map for what’s to come, and I like it. I am most curious about Hager versus Wardlow in an MMA fight. Those two heavies are going to pound meat, and I hope it will be glorious. Santana & Ortiz versus FTR is also going to rock hard. Sammy Guevara seems like a given to conquer Shawn Spears. Of the four matchups, I’m actually least interested in the rematch between Jericho and MJF. I think part of the reason is that I don’t want to see a cherished icon put down. I want to see Jericho stand tall in the end, but that would do nothing to help MJF’s career.

Jungle Boy & Christian defeated Private Party. The finish came down to Jungle Boy blocking a hurricanrana from Marq Quen. Christian speared Isiah Kassidy to clear space for Jungle Boy to used the Snare Trap submission on Quen for victory. Afterward, Matt Hardy picked his spot for a Twist of Fate to Christian on the stage.

Jungle Boy increased his stock toward the world title fight. In terms of Christian’s veteran story, he looked the spryest he has since joining AEW. My favorite part was Hardy’s grin after planting his new/old nemesis. He was so pleased with himself.

DMD celebration. Dr. Britt Baker DMD enjoyed the spotlight as new AEW Women’s Champion. The Wingmen, Diamante, Nyla Rose, Vickie Guerrero, Chaos Project, and TH2 joined Rebel and Tony Schiavone for the party. Baker teased the crowd about McDonald’s awarding free Big Macs in her honor, but she declined to pass out the gift cards. She is the one who did the work all on her own. The spoils of her success will not be shared. Baker invited Rebel and Schiavone to a burger bite. Nyla came over to smack the burgers out of their hands and toss the tray. It appears that Baker’s first challenger as emerged.

This was crowd work for Baker to remind everyone not to cheer her. She’s right about being engaging when on screen, so she’ll often teeter that tweener line of fan support. Nyla’s outburst has me excited for a future clash. Even though Nyla is a baddie, I’ll still be rooting for her to inflict suffering on Baker.

Red Velvet defeated Bunny. There was a scary moment early when Velvet landed awkwardly on a suicide dive. She rebounded without visual pain and continued as normal. Blade handed brass knuckles to Bunny, but Velvet ducked the punch. Lil Cupcake unloaded a spinning head kick to pin Bunny.

This feud is a continuation from Elevation when Bunny used a foreign object to win a tag bout against Velvet & Big Swole. Wrestlers often look stupid when falling for the same tricks, so it was nice to see Velvet learned from the situation and had a counter tactic ready. Little details like that are enjoyable to me.

Notes: AEW used the 4 BTE Trigger finish at Double or Nothing to write off Jon Moxley for his absence. The likely assumption is paternity leave.

Best Friends recapped Kenny Omega cheating to beat Orange Cassidy at Double or Nothing. OC had Omega beat twice. Cassidy spoke to say this is not over.

Meanwhile, Omega and Don Callis were fooling with a production monitor. They plan to reveal raw footage next week to blow the lid off the conspiracy to screw Omega. About Jungle Boy’s future title shot, he is no jungle champ. Omega admitted that Jungle Boy is fun to cheer for and then started singing JB’s theme song. Also of note, Omega’s fingers were taped up as an injury.

Team Taz still has beef with Hangman Page. Taz set up a tag match for next week. Hangman can pick a Dark Order partner to wrestle Brian Cage & Will Hobbs. Ricky Starks walked out of the promo. It was unclear why, but the logical guess is that he’s still miffed at Cage for turning down his assistance at Double or Nothing. It was later mentioned that 10 will be Page’s partner.

Sting thanked the fans for a night he’ll never forget at Double or Nothing. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page interrupted on the big screen. Their focus was on Darby Allin. They accused Allin of riding Sting’s coattails and challenged him to a rematch with a tag partner other than Sting.

John Silver is hungry for gold. Tony Khan offered him a TNT title shot, but Silver isn’t ready yet from injury. He handed the opportunity over to Evil Uno.

Miro cut a promo in response. Uno is going to get hurt. Miro will use this as a teachable lesson. Don’t come after him if you think you might win. Come after Miro when you are sure you can survive.

Stud of the Show: Christian Cage

My favorite moment of the show came courtesy of Christian. Private Party was mocking the 5 Second Pose by using Christian in a Weekend at Bernie’s return. All of a sudden, Christian came alive for a double inverted DDT. That popped a loud chuckle from me.

Dud of the Show: Unfinished business

My mentality is that PPVs should mostly be for blow-off bouts, especially when you only do four per year. This episode of Dynamite cheapened Double or Nothing in hindsight with so much unfinished business. On one hand, the storytelling does make sense, so that is a plus. On the other hand, some of these feuds need to end for the sake of providing something fresh.

Grade: B-

Decent episode of Dynamite. The action was entertaining. The overuse of cheating and distractions in most contests is getting tiring. I enjoyed seeing fresh faces in the main event. Dustin Rhodes isn’t exactly a fresh face, but he is for AEW’s main event. Andrade was a very cool surprise.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?