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Mark Henry explains why he came to AEW: ‘I’m here to turn the screws’

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At Double or Nothing nearly one week ago, AEW dropped a pretty big surprise on our heads — Mark Henry was revealed as having signed a contract with the promotion to be both an analyst and a coach helping talent behind-the-scenes. We were told he would be on commentary for AEW Rampage when it debuts come August and he would work in talent development but not much beyond that.

Instead, they used the interest to promote this week’s episode of Dynamite, airing on a Friday night thanks to the NBA Playoffs.

Well, he showed up for an interview with Tony Schiavone and had this to say:

“Everybody knows how much I love this business. I’m not here to fix AEW — AEW is not broken! What I’m here to do is turn the screws … so that, my friends, is what I’m here to do.”

Tony responded by asking the question literally anyone else would ask in this situation: is he going to wrestle again?

“Right now, I’m not gonna say yes. But Tony, I got a lot left in the tank.”

Which is just about as close to saying “yes” as one can get without actually saying “yes” even though he said he wasn’t going to say “yes.”

A match will likely be sometime in the future, however. For now, he’ll get settled into his new role with a new company.