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Andrade debuts in AEW

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As Mark Henry was being interviewed by Tony Schiavone on this week’s episode of Dynamite, Vickie Guerrero showed up to interrupt, cleared the ring, and completely stole the big fella’s thunder by introducing a new wrestler to the roster.

Andrade El Idolo.

Indeed, the star formerly known as La Sombra, who just spent the past five+ years in WWE as a major star for NXT before never quite finding his footing on the main roster, made his debut in AEW on a special Friday night episode. He was short and to the point with his promo.

“I used to say I am the face of Latinos. But today I am saying I will be the new face of All Elite Wrestling.”

It’s hard telling if this means he’ll be aligned with Guerrero moving forward but it would make sense considering she’s such a good talker and he still doesn’t speak the best English.

For anyone wondering, Charlotte Flair responded with this:

Andrade is already scheduled to face Kenny Omega for one of the belts he’s collected, the AAA Mega championship, on Aug. 14 at Triplemanía XXIX in Mexico. They’ll definitely have more chances to interact as they build to that now.

Excited for the new addition to the AEW roster?