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Hangman’s gonna be a dad!

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Cool news from Adam Page and Mrs. Hangman. The former AEW Tag champ is going to be a father. He shared the news on a non-shareable Instagram post with a sonogram and a pic of the happy parents-to-be with this caption:

hey we got a baby on the way! we’re excited, terrified, but mostly overjoyed. thank you.

This will be the first child for Page (real name Stephen Woltz) and his wife Amanda.

Normally on these kinds of posts, we’d make some jokes about how Hangman Jr. will main event Full Gear 2047 against Wolfgang Hardy or something. But there’s so many future second and third generation wrestlers already in or on the way to the world these days, it’s hard to keep track. So instead (or in addition to, I guess, since I already did kind of make the joke), here’s a funny tweet about Page’s news that the angsty millennial cowboy dad shared:

Congrats to the Hangman and Hangwoman!