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AEW Dynamite preview (June 4, 2021): The Doctor Will Celebrate Now

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All Elite Wrestling comes our way from Jacksonville, Florida. Tonight, it’s the fallout episode after last Sunday’s Double or Nothing PPV! Considering this, you’d think there would be more planned to follow up on said PPV instead of a bunch of seemingly random matches, but I guess with 100 hours of programming, things get lost in the shuffle.

This Week’s Headliner:

She did it! Britt Baker, DMD and face of the division, is now officially your AEW Women’s Champion! Tonight she commemorates her big win with an in-ring celebration. This celebration should accomplish two things.

One: it should set the stage for what a Britt Baker championship reign will look like. Now I don’t expect her to have a weekly open challenge or anything (she is a heel after all), but we should learn what her championship goals are from her promo tonight. She’s been bragging about being the “real face of the division” for months! I’m sure she has some plans to whip the other girls into shape.

Two: we learn who her first challenger is. No good celebration remains uninterrupted! It’s wrestling, for god’s sake. Expect someone like Thunder Rosa or Big Swole or Tay Conti or even Jade Cargill to interrupt the new champ and stake a claim for the championship.

The big question - and the question that won’t be answered until she’s held the championship for a couple of weeks - is will Britt break the curse of all the best storylines in the women’s division going to everyone but the champ? Considering that most of the storylines went to her, I have high hopes.

You better not mess this up for us AEW writers!

The Title Scene:

AEW Tag Team Champions, the Young Bucks, narrowly defeated Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley to retain their championships at Double or Nothing. Tonight they face off with Death Triangle’s PAC and Penta El Zero Miedo for some reason. Sure, this match sounds amazing, but I’m not totally sure how we immediately jump to this...I guess Death Triangle is next in line for a championship bout?

But truly, who even cares about this match. Will we hear from Jon Moxley, or is he officially on paternity leave? The people (me) want to know!

Kenny Omega BARELY retained The AEW World Championship at Double or Nothing, and he had to stoop to some pretty low lows to do it. (Really? ALL the championship belts? Sheesh.) We already know that PAC has (temporarily) moved on since he’s teaming up with Penta to face the Bucks, but I think Kenny Omega might be surprised when a certain citrusy inclined someone has something to say (or whatever) about his “win.” For a brief moment, we lived in a world where Orange Cassidy was the AEW world champ, and I’m not ready to give that up yet!

Tonight I assume Miro reopens his championship open challenge, but will Lance Archer and Jake the Snake let him off the hook that easily? You can’t just go around throwing other people’s snake bags around and expect no consequences! Even if you are the TNT Champion!

Other Things to Keep an Eye On:

-The Nightmare Family’s Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson will take on The Factory’s QT Marshall and Anthony Ogogo because we have to create a safe space for Ogogo to win that won’t bruise Cody’s delicate ego.

-Tonight, we hear from AEW’s latest legend signee when Mark Henry addresses the audience for the first time. And maybe we’ll learn more about Rampage (like if it is an hour or two hours...omg, please be one hour).

-Christian Cage and Jungle Boy both had pretty good nights. Jungle Boy won the Casino Battle Royale, and Christian Cage *almost* won. Tonight they take on Private Party, who had a, let’s say, less than stellar performance on Sunday. I hope there is nothing in their Hardy contract that docks their pay for losing so badly!

-An appearance from Sting and Darby Allin. Now, usually, I would make fun of this considering I’ve had to write “Sting speaks!” like 100 times since his debut, but he did wrestle for the first time in six years on Sunday, and he did do a good job, so I guess he earned this one.

-On Monday Elevation, The Bunny blindsided Red Velvet’s tag partner with some brass rings. Tonight she gets some in-ring one-on-one revenge.

-Dustin Rhodes vs. Nick Comoroto in a bullrope match because of nostalgia or whatever.

Tune into AEW on TNT at 10 p.m. EST to see how this all plays out!