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MJF is better than Sammy Guevara thanks to The Pinnacle, bad refereeing

AEW gave Sammy Guevara and Maxwell Jacob Friedman plenty of time for their grudge match main event on the June 30 Dynamite. Sure, they may have telegraphed the winner a bit when they started setting up another MJF vs. Chris Jericho match earlier in the show, but that doesn’t take anything away from the effort the two young rivals put in.

Things started to get a little wonky toward the end, at least for my money. First, both men couldn’t get three counts on moves you’d think would be protected finishers. When MJF broke out a tombstone from the second rope, the excuse for Guevara’s kickout was that Max tweaked his knee hitting the move.

And with Sammy’s 630 Senton, I suppose it was that he didn’t hit it cleanly, only grazing Friedman’s upper body instead.

Then the heel hijinks started. When Shawn Spears showed up, Chris Jericho left commentary to deal with him. But Wardlow grabbed Jericho from behind. He then yelled at referee Bryce Remsburg to look at him throw Le Champeon to the ground, and Remsburg did - taking his eyes of the legal men in the process.

That allowed Spears to smash Sammy with a chair. MJF covered him moments later.

If you can deal with those quibbles, this was a really fun match that’s worth a watch.

Now we’ll see how the Inner Circle/Pinnacle story progresses next week at Road Rager in Miami when Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz (with Konnan) take on Wardlow & FTR (with Tully Blanchard), and Jericho and MJF face-off ahead of their next showdown.

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