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With new music & a new nickname, Miro’s AEW makeover is complete

Brian Pillman, Jr. was game, but it won’t shock you to learn that he was not able to dethrone TNT champion Miro.

The news from their match on the June 30 Dynamite was that AEW put the finishing touches on transitioning the former Rusev from Kip Sabian’s goofy “Best Man” to his current form as a devout punisher of men. They did so by giving him new entrance music...

You’ll note he has a few new monikers there in the graphics, too:

Miro The Redeemer is a great name for a guy who thanks God before he verbally and physically destroys you. Bonus points for sounding like the name of a Jack Kirby creation. That new Mikey Rukus entrance theme also sounds like it would fit a Kirby character. Or, as my favorite tweet about the Bulgarian’s new music put it...

God’s Favorite Champion, indeed.

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