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Andrade teases Zelina Vega joining him in AEW

There’s been a fair amount of speculation about whether his fiancée Charlotte Flair could some day leave WWE to join him in AEW. But there’s also another woman Andrade El Ídolo’s been linked to for much of his U.S. wrestling career, and - as far as we know - she’s currently a free agent.

The “as far as we know” part is because there’s been more noise than news about Thea Trinidad, aka Zelina Vega’s next move. She was released by WWE last November, then rumored to be returning last month. When her husband Aleister Black/Tommy End was let go a few weeks ago, he refuted that she was going back to WWE. There were also some reports about Trinidad doing some non-wrestling work that would keep her busy into the summer.

But Andrade & Vickie Guerrero - and Thea herself - got folks fantasy booking a Dynamite reunion when they promised a “surprise” during a TV interview a couple weeks ago. And this quick quote from El Ídolo’s recent interview with Lucha Libre Online will only turn up the heat on that rumor (h/t Fightful and Luis Pulido):

“I would love it if she [Trinidad] was with me. I cannot speak about it that extendedly due to multiple stuff going on, but I would love it if she joined soon or in a close future.”

Andrade & Guerrero’s announcement was stalled on the latest Dynamite. Perhaps to cover for whatever “stuff” Trinidad has going on? Either way, everything in that brief quote lines up with things we’ve heard about her plans... but could also mean absolutely nothing.

Pro wrestling, everybody!

Do you think we’ll see another iteration of the partnership that led El Ídolo to the WWE NXT and United States titles?

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