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Eddie Kingston takes shots at WWE after AEW Saturday night Dynamite

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AEW held a special Saturday night episode of Dynamite this past week, headlined by Jungle Boy attempting to win the AEW world championship from Kenny Omega. He failed to do so, and the action broke down into Christian, The Young Bucks, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Eddie Kingston hitting the scene.

It was a fun close to the show.

After it went off the air, Kingston grabbed a microphone to do the thing where the babyfaces send the crowd home happy and somehow that ended up including his taking a shot at WWE:

“Thank you, but it’s not about me. Let’s put it to you like this, it’s about Jungle Boy, Christian, Penta, it’s about everyone in that locker room. It’s about AEW. Every week… (AEW chant breaks out) That’s what I’m talking about. Because the competition sometimes doesn’t want to hear their fans. Well, I guess I’m burning another bridge, surprise. Ladies and gentlemen, AEW cares about their fans. We are not here just to get ourselves a paycheck. We’re here every week, with you people, without you people, and we come out here and we bust our asses because we love professional wrestling. I will give the devil his due but you saw a match between Kenny Omega and my dude Jungle Boy that you will not see on the other channel. You will not see legends who are respected on the other channel. You will not see people like me or my best friend on the other channel. And you will not see the heart that everybody in that locker room has on the other channel. Ladies and gentlemen, I was supposed to send you home happy but I’m speaking from my heart and the bottom line is this — we are AEW, we will see you Wednesday, and we want to hear you.”

From here on out, AEW shows will be held in front of paying fans. This isn’t just about pitting AEW against WWE, it’s about getting AEW fans to buy tickets to those shows and using the rivalry between the two companies, if you can call it that, to drive those sales.

Never let it be said AEW doesn’t know how to galvanize its fanbase.