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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (June 26, 2021): Wrestling God

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AEW Dynamite (June 26, 2021) emanated from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. The Saturday night show featured Hangman Page riding high, the Pinnacle setting traps for the Inner Circle, and Kenny Omega defending the AEW World Championship against Jungle Boy.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with excellent play-by-play.

Wrestling God

The main event of the evening was Kenny Omega putting the AEW World Championship on the line against underdog contender Jungle Boy. I am pleased as punch to report that AEW curbed outside interference for this contest and allowed Omega to be the wrestling god that he is. The result had a clean finish.

Jungle Boy was coming in nervous about the opportunity. Christian Cage provided words of encouragement.

Jungle Boy was accompanied by Jurassic Express, and Omega had the Good Brothers by his side. Stunt was a hothead early, so referee Paul Turner ejected everyone from ringside. That didn’t stop the Good Brothers from returning later, but Jurassic Express and Frankie Kazarian beat them off to prevent any shenanigans. The title match was a fair fight all the way through.

Omega and Jungle Boy wrestled close to 20 minutes. They kicked it off with wrist lock theatrics during the feeling out process. The counter game was tight. Jungle Boy reacted with evasion, whereas Omega was out to inflict pain. The champ did so with a side suplex on the steel steps then tossing Jungle Boy over the guardrail onto fans.

Jungle Boy found his groove for two consecutive suicide dives. He hit a DDT once Omega reentered the ring. The champ smartly rolled back outside to avoid a pinfall, so JB followed with a tope con hilo.

It was only a matter of time before Omega connected on the V-Trigger. He followed with a snap dragon suplex and a second V-Trigger. Omega aimed to close with the One Winged Angel, however, Jungle Boy countered for a reverse rana. JB connected on his running elbow finisher to the back of Omega’s head, but it didn’t keep the champ down.

Omega fired back with his third V-Trigger. He followed with a powerbomb and a fourth V-Trigger. Jungle Boy still had enough fighting spirit to kick out. Omega went for another V-Trigger. This time, Jungle Boy ducked under to roll through for a Snare Trap submission. Omega eventually reached the ropes for the break.

After an exchange of fisticuffs in the center of the ring, Omega hit his fifth V-Trigger. Jungle Boy rebounded off the ropes for a clothesline then a brainbuster. Omega kicked out on the cover.

V-Trigger number six led to the One Winged Angel attempt. Jungle Boy escaped for a roll-up then transitioned into the Snare Trap again. Omega was close to passing out, so he pulled JB’s hair to allegedly hide an eye gouge to get free. Commentary theorized about the gouge, even though, the camera didn’t catch it.

Jungle Boy went for broke on a super hurricanrana, but the champ slipped under for a vicious Snake Eyes into the top turnbuckle. Omega charged for a V-Trigger to the back of Jungle Boy’s head. After a Tiger Driver ‘98, Jungle Boy kicked out. Omega wasted no time and immediately hit the One Winged Angel for victory.

That was a great match for TV. It was so much more enjoyable without outside interference. Omega won relatively clean to prove himself as a wrestling god. Omega is reaching that age where his peak days might be numbered. I want to see the best perform at their best while they can. These kind of wins will make his eventual defeat sweeter to witness, as opposed to the safety net shenanigans in previous title defenses. Sure, Omega still cheated with the hair grab, but it was an acceptable bending of the rules within the rhythm of the flow.

Jungle Boy rose to the occasion. He didn’t quite force me into believing he could win, but that second Snare Trap was darn close. It made me check the clock to see if time was running out or if there was room for more action. Once Jungle Boy gets his promo work down, he’ll be main event for years to come.

Shout-out to Justin Roberts for nailing those notes on Omega’s entrance. He helped make this feel like a big fight.

Chaos erupted in the aftermath. Omega was waiting for Jungle Boy to rise, so he could blast him with the title belt. Christian ran in for the save before the heinous act could be completed. Matt Hardy and Private Party ran in to fight Christian. As Christian positioned Hardy for a Killswitch, the Young Bucks were waiting for a double superkick. The Elite and HFO closed the show standing tall.

The conclusion was a bit overdone. It would have been okay with Christian sending a message to Omega. The scene became muddled once everyone else ran in.

Pinnacle set a trap

The Pinnacle had payback on their minds coming into Dynamite. It started as the broadcast opened. Alex Marvez interviewed Sammy Guevara as he was entering the venue. Shawn Spears was hiding for an ambush. He used a chair to bash Guevara on the shoulder and arm. The Spanish God was left on the ground in pain, compliments of MJF prior to their singles showdown on June 30.

The Pinnacle’s next trap involved the face-to-face interview between Tully Blanchard and Konnan. The lucha libre legend refused to be intimidated by mind games. He spoke about the differences of Santana and Ortiz growing up on the streets compared to FTR growing up as country boys.

Blanchard threatened to have FTR come out to handle Konnan. Konnan countered by calling Santana and Ortiz to the ring. The duo entered with bandanas covering their faces. That’s when the Pinnacle’s trap was revealed. Blanchard showed the real Santana and Ortiz on the big screen beat up backstage. The imposters turned out to be FTR. They proceeded to pummel Konnan and execute a spike piledriver.

The third scene of the evening for this feud began with a backstage interview for MJF, Wardlow, and Spears. MJF didn’t understand why people are upset about him punching Dean Malenko. If anything, fans should be thanking MJF for sending the old man into retirement. That’s when Chris Jericho and Jake Hager ran in for a brawl.

The action spilled out to the ring, where the Pinnacle’s three-on-two advantage took over. Guevara’s music hit as he cleaned house to save the day. On June 30, Guevara will prove that AEW chose the wrong one to support as a top guy.

With so many people involved in this feud, it was smart to space it out through the show. They probably could have combined it all into the Konnan segment, but that would not have been nearly as effective. As it was, Konnan helped build heat by taking a piledriver from FTR, and MJF built heat for Sammy to shut his mouth next week. The only downside was the Pinnacle being pushed back on their heels once again. It seemed like this was the week for them to stand tall, but the Inner Circle ended up getting the final shine on Guevara’s save. Even when the Pinnacle wins, the Inner Circle has still looked tougher throughout the majority of the feud.

My favorite thing about the feud on this evening was Jericho breaking out the hockey fight tricks. It is an effective tactic and also adds a little absurdity to the entertainment. My ears perked to Konnan’s reference of Tessa Blanchard. He told Tully to learn Spanish to speak to hid grandkids, since Tessa is married to Daga. Those two free agents have to show up somewhere eventually. I wonder if Konnan’s comment was just for a pop or to open the door for a potential debut in AEW.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Hangman Page defeated Will Hobbs. Primo matchup of #2 versus #4. Taz was on commentary. Hobbs chose to roll solo without Team Taz ringside. Hobbs focused on damaging Hangman’s lariat arm. Ricky Starks and Hook eventually decided to appear with the intention of lending a helping hand. Hobbs was in control, but Starks tried to give him the FTW title anyway. Brian Cage ran out to strip Starks of both his clothes and the FTW title. Hobbs kept his head on a swivel amidst the confusion to counter a buckshot lariat into a spinebuster. Hangman stayed alive though. After an exchange of elbow strikes, Hangman ducked low under a running crossbody. The cowboy seized the moment for German suplex then a Dead Eye piledriver to win.

Strong opening bout. Hangman took out top competition to prove his ranking is no fluke. I like how AEW has developed multiple finishers for wrestlers. It allows more leeway in terms of strategic storytelling. In this case, damage was done to prevent Hangman’s lariat, so he pivoted to the Dead Eye. It was smart to see Hobbs work on preventing the buckshot lariat and also smart to see Hangman adapt with other methods to win.

When Hangman started bleeding from his head, it made me think of wig splitting. I now want to see Mark Henry versus Hobbs with a stipulation. First one to split a wig wins. They can practice on enhancement talent to hype the match. You know how the song goes. “Somebody gonna get their ass kicked. Somebody gonna get their wig split. Beat ‘em up, beat ‘em up, break his neck, break his neck.”

As for Team Taz, it is definitely time to dump Cage. He was selfish in his actions. Cage could have waited until after the match to put hands on Starks. Also, I have to question why Starks and Hook consistently choose poor moments to appear. They often come out when one of their mates is in control but hasn’t finished the job yet. In this case, Hobbs didn’t necessarily need the help of cheating with the FTW title. Taz must coach Starks and Hook on the fine art of interference.

Matt Sydal defeated Dante Martin. Sydal focused on cool pretzel submissions to weaken the knees. Martin still strut his electric offense, such as floating through the air for a double springboard moonsault, a high leaping sunset flip, and a flipping stunner. In the end, Sydal dodged a flying stomp. The impact jammed Martin’s tender knee. Sydal took advantage for a head kick then a Lightning Spiral slam to win.

The flashy fight produced fireworks of excitement. Sydal demonstrated veteran strategy to chip away at the knee, while Martin shined with acrobatics. It was the kind of match that leaves me wanting to see more from both men in the near future.

Ethan Page defeated Bear Bronson. Scorpio Sky and Bear Boulder were ringside. The finish came down to the Men of the Year outsmarting their opponents and referee Bryce Remsburg. Bronson was on the turnbuckles with momentum, so Sky hopped onto the apron. Sky took a hit for the team when Boulder bashed him. That distraction allowed Page to deliver a vicious low blow to set up the Ego’s Edge for victory.

After the contest, Page cut a promo. He knows Darby Allin isn’t done with him. Page admitted that he isn’t done with Allin either. Page wants to be the nail in Allin’s coffin, so he challenged him to a Coffin Match for July 7.

Another match where both men came out looking impressive. Bronson’s power game is top notch. Page wowed me by lifting the bear’s weight for the stalling Ego’s Edge. That took serious functional strength. The post-match promo had nice wordplay for the Coffin Match challenge. It will be interesting to see how AEW puts their own twist on the casket match.

Kris Statlander defeated Bunny. Blade distracted the referee to slip brass knuckles to Bunny. Orange Cassidy entered the ring to steal the foreign object and place it in his pocket. Statlander took advantage of the commotion to win via Big Bang Theory piledriver.

After the match, Blade attacked OC. TH2 ran in to help with the pummeling. Blade retrieved the brass knuckles to land a clean punch on Cassidy’s jaw.

Solid women’s match. Other than Statlander picking up a win to keep her record undefeated, it didn’t do much to advance the division. It seemed more like a setup for Cassidy to now have three enemies to occupy his time. The image of Cassidy knocked out cold on the mat was the laugh of the night for me. His dazed expression was excellent.

AEW Dynamite

Notes: The Young Bucks ran down the list of people they have eliminated with violence. Eddie Kingston and Pentagon get a chance to earn a tag title shot if they can beat the Bucks in a non-title bout next week. The Jacksons aren’t worried, because they have transformed into Extremely Violent People. Nick closed by cawing like a bird. I don’t know why.

Later in the show, Eddie Kingston pointed out how the Bucks only care about their egos. The way to hurt them is to take the tag titles. Kingston and Pentagon will achieve step one with a win over the Bucks next week to earn the title shot.

Mark Sterling’s latest monetization plan for Jade Cargill is to offer fans a 10% discount off her two t-shirts in the AEW shop with the code THATB. Jade talked up being undefeated.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD laughed at the idea of Vickie Guerrero cashing in her favor from Tony Khan on a tag match. Baker could think of a million other things to request instead. Now, Baker has to beat Vickie’s ass.

Vickie stated that the tag match would be an appetizer to solidify Nyla Rose at the #1 contender. Nyla is coming for the women’s title on night 2 of Fyter Fest. It came across as an unofficial match announcement that will become official soon enough.

QT Marshall hopes Cody Rhodes gets cast in a geeky superhero movie, so he won’t be around. That will give time for QT to focus on winning a championship in AEW.

Brian Pillman Jr. cut a promo for Miro ahead of their TNT title contest. Pillman has fought for everything he has, and that includes his friends. Pillman will win the gold.

Stud of the Show: Miro

Miro delivers the most entertaining promos in AEW at the moment. He laid out so many good lines when discussing his upcoming TNT title bout against Brian Pillman Jr. on June 30.

It starts with a little humor about his flexible hot wife, then veers into ass-kicking territory. When Miro scowls while saying, “Standing between the righteous man and his path is like standing between the cleaver and its meat,” you know those are not empty words. Miro single-handedly sold the match just to see how bad he will beat up Pillman.

Dud of the Show: Andrade’s announcement tease

During Dante Martin’s entrance, Vickie Guerrero chose to interrupt to introduce Andrade. They had panned to make a huge announcement, but Matt Sydal’s music hit for his entrance. No announcement was made.

AEW has dipped into this story well too often. Star comes out, then doesn’t get to speak. Due to this method dragging on for weeks in the past, Andrade’s appearance didn’t really build anticipation to finally learn the announcement. Besides, if it was something huge, then AEW should have sent Alex Marvez or scoop master Paul Wight to break the news.

That said, I am all aboard on seeing Matt Sydal as Andrade’s first opponent. Sydal can work a variety of styles to shine with Andrade.

Grade: B+

This show was anchored by the main event. AEW delivered a satisfying finish with zero interference. Thank you! The rest of the matches carried their weight as well. There are still snafus in production. The camera missed a pivotal spinebuster moment for Hobbs.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?

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