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Konnan showed up in AEW to take a spike piledriver

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Mexican wrestling legend Konnan was advertised to appear on Saturday Night Dynamite for a face-to-face interview opposite Tully Blanchard. The idea is that Konnan was speaking on behalf of the Inner Circle’s Santana and Ortiz, while Tully was representing The Pinnacle’s FTR.

Konnan did most of the talking in this one, including a reference to Tessa Blanchard’s relationship with Daga. The general message was that Santana and Ortiz have experienced some rough shit in life, making them far tougher than FTR.

Tully threatened to have FTR come out and beat Konnan up. Konnan already saw that coming, so he quickly called out Santana & Ortiz to have his back.

That’s when two guys came out whose faces were mysteriously covered up, with Konnan believing it was Santana and Ortiz. It wasn’t, of course, and Konnan ate a spike piledriver for his trouble:

What did you think of Konnan’s appearance on Dynamite?

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