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Kenny Omega defeats Jungle Boy to retain the AEW world championship

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The main event of tonight’s (June 26) episode of Saturday Night Dynamite was Kenny Omega defending the AEW world championship against Jungle Boy.

Right from the start, all the outside players (Good Bros, Jurassic Express, Don Callis) were ejected from ringside. This match was going to be settled one-on-one.

It didn’t stay that way forever, though. Towards the very end of the match, Jungle Boy caught Omega in his Snare Trap submission finisher. Omega had nowhere to go, and that’s when all the outside parties showed up again, this time with Frankie Kazarian there too.

By the time that dust settled, Omega was able to escape Jungle’s grip. During a very exciting final sequence filled with V-Triggers, Snapdragon suplexes, the Tiger Driver ‘98, brainbusters, counters to the One-Winged Angel, and more, Boy caught Omega in the Snare Trap once again. Omega may have eye-gouged his way out of it, and it didn’t take long before he was finally able to deliver his finisher for the win.

Omega wasn’t content with the win, and he tried to attack Jungle Boy after the match. Christian Cage made the save, but he was ultimately put down by the Young Bucks and Matt Hardy.

Perhaps Christian will be Omega’s next challenger sometime soon? He’ll likely have to deal with Matt Hardy before that can happen, though.

Did Omega vs. Jungle Boy live up to the hype?

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