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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (June 26, 2021): Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing live tonight at 8 pm ET on TNT.

Check out our Saturday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we're looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This episode comes our way from Jacksonville, Florida, and will feature Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy for the AEW World championship, Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Hangman Page, Kris Statlander vs. The Bunny, Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal, Bear Bronson vs. Ethan Page, a face-to-face between Konnan and Tully Blanchard, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Cain here. Let’s do this.

Saturday Night Dynamite kicks off with commentators throwing to a video from earlier in the day where Shawn Spears ambushes Sammy Guevara with a chair shot by a production truck. Spears sarcastically wishes Sammy good luck next week in his match against MJF.

Back inside Daily’s Place, Powerhouse Hobbs makes his way to the ring for his match against Adam Page.

Hangman Page vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Nobody else from Team Taz is ringside; Taz informs us on commentary that Hobbs wants to beat Page’s ass all by himself.

Hobbs picks Page out of the air and rams him into the corner. Page comes back and teases an early Buckshot Lariat, but Hobbs sees him on the apron and bails to the outside. Fans greet Hobbs with a “You suck!” chant.

Hobbs smashes Page’s hand into the guardrail on the outside. He kicks the rail into Page’s right arm, targeting the Buckshot Lariat arm. Hobbs keeps targeting Page’s right arm back inside the ring, and follows up with a delayed vertical suplex.

Hobbs goes for a Vader bomb but Page gets both boots up into his jaw. Page charges forward but Hobbs sidesteps the cowboy and rams him head-first into the ring post. Page is busted open following the impact, with his hair full of blood.

Page is resilient though, and regains the advantage with a moonsault inside the ring. Hobbs kicks out of the pin attempt. Hobbs powers out of a German suplex attempt and sends Page crashing down into the mat. Hobbs follows up with a scoop slam, but then misses a headbutt from the middle rope. Page is back up with a huge lariat, but Hobbs kicks out of the pin attempt with authority.

Hobbs escapes from a Deadeye attempt and connects with a crossbody. Page kicks out of the pin attempt, and that brings out Ricky Starks and Hook. But Brian Cage is right behind them and chases Starks away, much to the dismay of Taz on commentary.

Page tries to take advantage of the distraction with the Buckshot Lariat, but Hobbs counters into a spinebuster. Page kicks out of the pin attempt. Both men continue going at it with their final reserves, and Page is able to put Hobbs away with the Deadeye.

Hangman Page defeats Powerhouse Hobbs

We now get a hype video for the AEW world championship match between Kenny Omega and Jungle Boy later tonight.

Back from commercial with a Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler pre-taped promo. The Bucks run down all the prick teams they’ve beaten while explaining that Eddie Kingston and Penta will join the list next week. The Bucks will win because they are EVPs - Extremely Violent People.

Back inside the venue, Tony Schiavone is standing in the ring with Tully Blanchard. Konnan makes his entrance for this face-to-face interview opposite Blanchard.

Konnan says he, Ortiz, and Santana won’t be intimidated no matter what stands in their way. He implies that FTR fucks sheep in North Carolina, whereas Santana and Ortiz have to deal with racial discrimination in the city. Konnan says that Tully will need to learn Spanish if he wants to one day communicate with his grandkids, a clear reference to Tessa Blanchard and Daga’s relationship.

Tully makes some threats about FTR wrecking Konnan, which causes Konnan to ask Santana and Ortiz to come out. Two men come out in hoodies with their faces covered. It’s supposed to be Santana and Ortiz. But this is pro wrestling, so Tully throws to a video where Santana and Ortiz are taken out. The men inside the ring reveal their faces and it’s FTR. Konnan is put down with a spike piledriver. The commentators and the fans boo these disgusting actions from FTR and Blanchard.

Dante Martin enters the ring for his match. His entrance is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, who introduces a future AEW champion, Andrade El Idolo. Vickie and Andrade are about to make a huge announcement, but Matt Sydal then makes his entrance, because he’s Dante’s opponent. Andrade wants to take a shot at Sydal, but Vickie holds him back. Things are a bit tense, but Andrade and Vickie head to the back and the scheduled match is on.

Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal

Dante Martin hits a springboard dropkick from the bottom rope early on. Sydal takes a wild swing and miss, but does connect with a follow-up leg lariat. Sydal works Martin’s left leg over and nails some flippy stuff, and we go to commercial break.

Back from the break, both men are struggling on the outside and roll back into the ring. Sydal is still working Dante’s lower body over, trying to keep him grounded. Maritn explodes back with a variation of an Attitude Adjustment but it’s not enough for the three count. He hits an impressive double springboard moonsault, but Sydal isn’t done. Both men climb up to the top rope, and Sydal sends Martin down to the mat. Sydal hits with the meteora from the top rope, but he is unable to hook both legs on the pin attempt.

Dante comes back with an over-the-top flipping stunner, but Sydal kicks out of the pin attempt. Dante goes for one more flippy move but lands awkwardly on his weakened leg. Sydal pounces and hits the lightning spiral for the win.

Matt Sydal defeats Dante Martin

Christian runs into Jungle Boy backstage and tells him don’t just be happy to have the title match with Omega. He should have a chip on his shoulder because so few people think he can actually defeat the champ. It’s time to prove those people wrong. Jungle thanks Christian for the pep talk, and we go to break.

Back from break, and Mark Sterling is backstage with Jade Cargill hyping up a sale on AEW Shop, while insulting Dark Order in the process, and calling wrestling fans overweight.

Alex Marvez is standing backstage for an interview with MJF, Wardlow, and Shawn Spears. MJF doesn’t understand why so many people have a problem with his recent attack on Dean Malenko. Malenko is an old sick man who has no place in a profession as dangerous as pro wrestling, so MJF should be thanked for giving Dean an early retirement.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager jump into the picture for an attack. But the babyfaces are outnumbered 3-2 without Sammy Guevara there. The five men brawl out to the ring, where the numbers game is too much for the babyfaces to handle. MJF has Jericho trapped on the mat, with Spears ready to destroy his arm with a chair.

Out comes Sammy for the save! Sammy lights up the heels and blasts Wardlow and Spears with the chair. MJF gets out of Dodge before Guevara can smash him next. Sammy grabs the mic, calls MJF an asshole and a bitch, and vows to beat him on Wednesday.

Time for a commercial break.

Back from break with a pre-taped promo from Miro hyping up next week’s TNT championship match against Brian Pillman Jr. He’s going to murder the man, essentially.

Back in the ring, out come the Men of the Year, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. It’s time for Ethan Page to wrestle Bear Bronson, who is accompanied by Bear Boulder.

Bear Bronson vs. Ethan Page

They lock up, with Bronson backing Page up into the corner. The ref backs Bronson off, which leaves him open for a cheap shot from Page. That only pisses off the big man, who comes back with a flurry of strikes on All Ego.

Page mocks Bronson and pays for it with a powerslam. He rams Ethan’s head into the turnbuckle, and knocks him to the outside. Bronson goes for a dive through the ropes! Scorpio Sky sacrifices himself, moving Ethan out of the way and taking 100% of the impact. Bear Boulder doesn’t take kindly to the interference, and the ref tries to contain him. That leaves Bronson open for a two-on-one attack behind the referee’s back. And we go to break.

Back from break with Bronson dropping all of his weight onto Ethan’s chest, but only for a two count. Both men climb up the to the top rope, with Ethan Page actually launching the big man off. Scorpio and Boulder get into it on the outside. Amidst the chaos, Ethan Page nails a low blow and is able to connect with the Ego’s Edge to put his opponent away.

Ethan Page defeats Bear Bronson

Page grabs a mic and directs trash talk at Darby Allin. Pinning Darby won’t be enough for him. He wants to be the nail in Allin’s coffin. That’s why he’s challenging Darby Allin to a Coffin match on July 7 at Road Rager in Miami.

Britt Baker and Rebel are backstage with a promo for next week’s tag team match against Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose. Vickie and Nyla respond in kind. It sounds like Nyla is getting a title shot at Baker’s AEW women’s championship at Fyter Fest night two, on July 21.

And we go to break.

Back from break, and it’s time for The Bunny (with The Blade) vs. Kris Statlander (with Orange Cassidy).

Kris Statlander vs. The Bunny

Kris throws the Bunny down to the mat to assert her power. Two arm drags also take The Bunny down, who is frustrated and slaps Statlander in the face. The Bunny is plucked out of the air by Kris, who has taken control. She delivers a forearm to the chest, but Bunny is able to slip away and deliver an accurate superkick to her face.

The commentators mention Trent’s surgery for spinal stenosis. Chuck isn’t here because he is with trent. Time for a commercial break.

Back from break, and The Bunny is in charge with the fans booing. She sends Statlander over the top rope and to the outside. Bunny runs forward but Kris catches her in a snap powerslam. Both women are down on the outside, with Blade and Cassidy cheering for their respective ally to get up.

Bunny and Kris slowly roll back into the ring and get up to their feet, exchanging blows. Uppercut by Statlander backs Bunny to the corner. Statlander looking for the Big Bang Theory, but Bunny elbows out of it. Kris catches her in a Blue Thunder Bomb but can’t cover her too well, leading to a kick out. Bunny comes back with a German suplex and thrust kick, but Kris somehow kicks out of the pin attempt.

Blade distracts the ref while tossing some brass knuckles to Bunny, but Orange Cassidy intercept sand sticks the object in his pocket. Statlander is up and hit Big Bang Theory for the win.

Kris Statlander defeats The Bunny

Afterwards, Blade attacks OC, and TH2 also come out of nowhere to join in on the beatdown. Angelico and Jack Evans hold Orange up for Blade to deliver a vicious knockout punch with the brass knuckles.

Backstage with a promo from QT Marshall. Cody Rhodes and QT will have a South Beach strap match at Road Rager on July 7.

Pillman Jr. now cuts a quick pre-taped promo on Miro hyping up their TNT title match next week.

The main event is coming up after the break.

Back from break with another pre-taped promo, this time from Eddie Kingston and Penta, hyping up June 30’s title eliminator match against the Young Bucks.

Out comes Jungle Boy for the main event. He’s accompanied by Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt. Jungle Boy’s family is sitting in the front row.

Omega is accompanied by Don Callis and the Good Brothers. There are about 20 minutes remaining in the episode, but a 60 minute time limit. Schiavone says they will stick with the match no matter how long it takes.

Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy (AEW world championship match)

The ref immediately ejects Marko Stunt, Luchasaurus, the Good Bros, and Don Callis. They are all irate, with Callis making his way to the commentary table while the others head to the back. This match will be settled one-on-one, with nobody ringside.

Omega with a wristlock and slaps to Jungle’s hair. Jungle reverses it, but Omega takes him down by the hair. Kenny and Omega exchange chops in the corner. Omega slips in a thumb to the eye and catches Jungle with a back elbow. Boy fires up with an arm drag and a drop kick, sending Omega to the outside.

Kenny drags Jungle by the foot to the outside with him. He whips him around the ringside area and tosses Boy back in the ring. Kenny gets in the ring and tosses Boy back outside. We go to break.

Back from break, Omega is chopping Jungle against the ropes. Jungle catches him off guard with an inside cradle, but Omega kicks out. He follows that up with a devastating brainbuster on the champ.

Jungle dropkicks Kenny’s knee and counters a snapdragon suplex. Omega is knocked to the outside, and Boy follows up with two suicide dives. Jungle with an innovative DDT off the rope and now an over the top dive! The fans are going crazy for Jungle Boy.

He heads to the top rope, but Omega cuts him off. Kenny is up trying for a superplex, but Jungle blocks it. He can’t block it the second time, though. Jungle Boy kicks out of the ensuing pin attempt.

Kenny misses a V-Trigger. Jungle with a thrust kick, but Omega is right back with a snapdragon suplex and V-Trigger. Kenny has him up for the one-winged angel, but Jungle counters into a poison rana.

The fight continues, with another V-Trigger and powerbomb from Omega, but Boy refuses to stay down. Jungle catches Omega in the snare trap submission!

Out come all the usual suspects - Good Bros, Kazarian, Marko Stunt, etc. Omega reaches the rope in the chaos to break the hold.

Both men trade chops in the middle of the ring. Omega nails one more V-Trigger, but Boy rebounds with a clothesline. Omega with a brainbuster, but Jungle still kicks out. Yet the champ delivers one more V-Trigger.

It’s time for the one winged angel. But Jungle Boy rolls him up! Kenny kicks out, but Jungle turns it right back into the snare trap! Omega is fading! He desperately pulls Jungle’s hair and gouges his eye to break it.

Another V-trigger and now a Tiger Driver ‘98, but Jungle is still in it! Uh oh, there’s the one-winged angel. He finally nails it this time.

That’s it.

Kenny Omega defeats Jungle Boy to retain the AEW world championship

Omega is loading up to blast Jungle Boy with the title after the match is over, but here comes Christian Cage for the save! The Hardy Family Office is right behind and they put Christian down. Christian is about to come back with the Kill Switch on Hardy, but the Young Bucks are there for the double superkick on Christian. Hardy follows up with a Twist of Fate on Cage.

The Bucks, Omega, and Hardy celebrate to end the show.

Thanks for hanging out for Saturday night Dynamite, everyone!

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