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Jungle Boy tries to ‘duck and run away’ whenever AEW asks him to do a promo

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Jungle Boy is challenging Kenny Omega for the AEW world heavyweight championship this Saturday, June 26, on Dynamite. Last week’s segment hyping up the championship match was a letdown; our man Manolo pointed out Boy’s stunning absence of charisma in this backstage segment opposite Omega.

Jungle Boy acknowledges that he will have to solve that problem. During an interview on Busted Open Radio this week, Jungle admitted that doing really cool moves is something that greatly appeals to him, whereas promos are a weakness that he needs to improve upon:

“I’m not a promo guy at all. You know, That’s never been something I’ve been super into, probably because I’m not that great at it, and it’s not something I’ve done a lot of. And I can definitely feel that that’s kind of a weak point in my game. So I would like like to improve that. Just kind of be a better, well-rounded wrestler altogether.”

“Honestly, every time they ask me to do it, I kind of try and duck and run away and not have to. A lot of people have given me advice here and there...I think when the time comes to really buckle down and get good at it, there are a lot of people who are good people to help. So that’s good.”

Jungle Boy just turned 24 years old, so he has plenty of time to figure out how to improve his talking game. Then again, with the way the fans are reacting to him right now with his amazing entrance music, maybe the timetable for him to become a top star in AEW is more accelerated than I realize.

It will be difficult to secure a top spot in the promotion without the ability to sell matches on the mic, so I’d be surprised if Jungle Boy beats Omega for the title this weekend.

What do you think is the best way to get Jungle Boy’s competence with promos to catch up to his excellent skills in the ring?

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