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Here’s our first look at the ridiculously expensive AEW replica title belt

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It’s an exciting day, wrestling fans! You can now pre-order the crazy expensive official AEW World championship replica title belt.

AEW Shop released the following video with the reveal of what the belt actually looks like. It’s described as “virtually a clone” of the real thing, which it damn well better be for the asking price of 700 dollars:

The pre-sale window is open through June 30. Alex Abrahantes explains the orders will ship “approximately towards the end of 2021, given a variety of different circumstances and variables.”

Abrahantes also says that it’s “one of the most talked about replica titles ever created” and “a true must have, for any true AEW fan out there.” Well, I have no intention of buying this thing, so it seems like he’s telling me that I’m not a true fan of AEW. That’s a bummer.

Will you be placing a pre-order for the official AEW World championship replica title belt?