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It looks like Britt Baker will have a starring role on the debut of AEW Rampage

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AEW Rampage is set to debut on Friday night, August 13. Rampage is the third hour of weekly television that AEW has been promising for quite some time. It sounds like Rampage will be taped more often than not, but it will air live in the biggest markets. Unlike Dark and Elevation, AEW President Tony Khan has promised that Rampage will be an ‘A’ show alongside Dynamite.

Earlier today, AEW revealed that tickets will go on sale on June 25 for the Rampage debut. That event and the Aug. 11 episode of Dynamite are both set to take place live at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Current AEW women’s champion Dr. Britt Baker is kind of a big deal in Pittsburgh, as you can see from AEW’s promotional material hyping up these live events:

Are there any Cagesiders in the area who plan to attend one or both of these AEW television shows in August?