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Andrade’s AEW surprise has people talking about Zelina Vega

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AEW advertised a special sit-down interview with Andrade El Idolo on last night’s (June 18) episode of Friday night Dynamite. He recently debuted with All Elite Wrestling after being released by WWE a few months ago.

The segment ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Andrade teasing that he and Vickie Guerrero have a surprise:

Naturally, the idea of a big surprise has many fans talking about Zelina Vega possibly coming to AEW. She fueled those flames with her own reaction to the segment on Twitter:

I’m not sure that it makes sense for Thea Trinidad to join up with Andrade in AEW since he is already aligned with Vickie Guerrero. That’s why I doubt the surprise is related to her. But I can’t come up with any better guesses at the moment, so who really knows?

What do you think Andrade and Vickie’s surprise will turn out to be?