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You can buy official AEW replica titles for a ridiculous amount of money

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AEW has announced that on June 23, fans will be able to pre-order official AEW World championship replica title belts for a whopping $699.99:

With an AEW replica title belt in hand, this is your opportunity to be just as big of a star as your favorite AEW wrestlers.

If you want to leave your replica title inside a limousine so that it can be stolen while you are eating at a steak house, here’s your chance to be just like former world champion Chris Jericho.

If you want to make like current world champion Kenny Omega and wear the belt around your torso along with several other replica titles at the same time, now you can do that too.

If your name is Cody Rhodes and you are prohibited from challenging for the real AEW World championship ever again, now you can drop a crazy amount of money on your very own neck tattoo replica title and stop crying yourself to sleep at night.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Are any of you planning to skip out on MJF’s new cryptocurrency so that you can instead purchase AEW replica gold?