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AEW Dynamite to make its New York City debut on Sept. 22

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A televised show in New York City, the “capital of the world” and the WWE’s traditional home market, is a big deal for any pro wrestling promotion.

AEW’s been talking about it since 2019. The pandemic put whatever plans they had for last year on hold. But even in a normal year, booking a TV venue in New York isn’t easy. It’s why New Japan & Ring of Honor running Madison Square Garden before WrestleMania 35 was such a big deal.

Tony Khan’s pulled it off, though. It’s not a Manhattan venue, but Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens damn sure isn’t a bingo hall or ballroom, either. The main court of the U.S. Open tennis tournament holds more than 20,000 people.

The show will have a theme/subtitle, as Khan revealed in his radio remarks (h/t Fightful). It also sounds like he plans for this to be the first of many shows in the Flushing Meadows:

“It’s one of the most iconic sporting venues. Every seat is a great seat. It’s going to be a tremendous crowd and very accessible. In terms of seating and capacity, I couldn’t find a better venue. It’s never hosted a wrestling event. It’s non-traditional, but I think a tennis stadium sets up beautifully and this happens to be the greatest tennis stadium in the greatest city. Hopefully, it starts a great tradition for AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam.”

AEW was scheduled to get into the tri-state area last March, when their first attempt at doing a Blood & Guts match was to emanate from Newark’s Prudential Center. That New Jersey building will now host the Dynamite before Grand Slam on Sept. 15. Tickets are already available for that show.

You Northeasterners ready to light the Dynamite?