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Cody Rhodes continues to expand his pop culture brand

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We don’t know when it premieres, but we do know that Cody & Brandi Rhodes (and their pets, and their soon-to-be-born daughter) will star in a TNT reality series Rhodes to the Top.

But that won’t be the end of branching out beyond pro wrestling for the American Nightmare. Cody already done some acting, and some game show judging. Now he’ll add podcaster to the résumé. And he won’t be joining the legion of wrestler’s with podcasts, either. As you can tell by the name of his new venture...

Cody’s Twitter

Rhodes shared more about the Everything But Wrestling Podcast with his fan’s via text (h/t Wrestling Observer):

“I speak with friends/family/colleagues about...everything. The first season of episodes feature ‘Star Wars fandom V Trek fandom’ - ‘B&M V Intamin’ ’Potter Houses’ ’The Office’ and a few more fun subjects. Coming this summer!”

Ready for Cody to rile folks up with takes on science fiction franchises, theme park rides, and the like?