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Mark Henry on Braun Strowman signing with AEW: ‘There’s interest on both sides’

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Just a few weeks ago, the wrestling world was shocked by the news that WWE had released multiple wrestlers, Braun Strowman among them. He was pushed as a top guy for the company for years, winning multiple titles, consistently working in the main event, and even wrestling a McMahon at WrestleMania just a couple months ago.

That said, he had a big contract and obviously the powers that be felt he was expendable enough to get that contract off the books. They’ve also clearly decided hoarding talent to keep them away from competitors is no longer a priority.

Speaking of which, Mark Henry told TMZ there is already interest in Braun Strowman signing with AEW:

“Super high on my list. It’s not an all Mark Henry decision but there already is interest on both sides. So, hopefully by the time he’s allowed to wrestle in August, I think the middle of August, then we can have a serious conversation about contractual things of that nature. Right now, there’s interest on both sides.”

Assuming the 90 day no-compete clause kicked in on June 2, that would come up on Tues., Aug. 31, which means it’s at least possible Strowman could show up on Dynamite the next evening or days later at All Out, which is scheduled for Sept. 5 in Chicago.

Tick tock.