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Ricky Starks doubles down on sassing Brian Cage

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The finish to Dynamite saw the Team Taz relationship on a rocky cliff. When Brian Cage refused nefarious assistance, Ricky Starks slapped him across the face.

Starks quickly realized the error of his way and skedaddled. Cage followed him and was kind enough not to permanently damage Stark’s injured neck.

In the aftermath, Starks doubled down on his sass to Cage.

Starks even mocked Cage’s Wolverine inspiration.

Starks escaped Friday night unscathed, but Cage might follow through on his threats for violence if Starks keeps this up.

As for the rest of Team Taz, Cage actually likes Will Hobbs. However, he may have burnt that bridge when abandoning Powerhouse to fight Hangman Page and 10 alone. Hobbs was not pleased.

The leader of Team Taz chimed in with frustration and threats.

Team Taz is a group of hot heads, so perhaps cooler tempers will soothe this issue by next Friday. I wouldn’t bet money on it though. It wouldn’t surprise me if deep down Cage is jealous of Starks’ fly fashion sense. It has to be tough finding clothes that fit for a man so large, then he sees Starks looking so slick all the time. Also, Starks is a proverbial pot-stirrer. Since he is not medically cleared to compete, that will only embolden him to run his mouth.

I, for one, can not wait to see how Starks reacts next time Team Taz is on screen. As powerful as Cage is in the ring, Starks is equally as powerful with words. While Team Taz would be losing in a break-up, we would all be winners watching Starks’ attitude unleashed and Cage’s rage up to 11.

What outcome are you hoping for from Team Taz’s fussing and fighting?