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Miro taunting a child was the highlight of Dynamite this week

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That, and other select bits from another quality two hours of wrestling from All Elite on June 11.

There are performers and acts we tend to fall in love with here at Cageside. Sometimes they’re lasting love affairs (like Geno and Eva Marie), sometimes they ebb and flow (we always love the Princes of Positivity, but sometimes we’re NewDaySideSeats dot com, sometimes we’re not).

Miro falls into the latter category. But our Rusev crush is pretty dependent on how first WWE, now AEW is presenting the sometimes goofball, sometimes badass Bulgarian. Since he ditched Kip Sabian - whether it was always the plan or a course correction doesn’t really matter - we are head over heels in love with the TNT champion.

If you don’t share our enjoyment of his work, I understand the 3 - 5 “Miro does a cool thing” posts you’ve been getting per week are probably annoying. To you I’d say, maybe the tide will turn again, and we’ll move on to someone else. If you wager on these things, I’d take a flier on RK-Bro, or maybe Hangman Page.

But as long as AEW continues to do things like set Miro up to rain on Dark Order’s dreams of honoring Mr. Brodie Lee by reclaiming the title he once held...

... then giving him the freedom to capitalize on that by heeling it up by wagging his finger at Negative One (who’s also great here, going from clapping encouragement to putting his hands on his head in despair) before making Evil Uno tap...

... and waving goodbye to the whole group while refusing to release the hold after he’s done it?

We’re gonna keep marking out for Lana’s man.

YouTube videos are being doled out slowly, as is AEW’s model these days. But we’ve compiled what they’ve released as of this morning in this playlist, and tried to catch you up with the rest of the episode via Twitter clips below that.

  • Was Christian Cage Able to Overcome the Hardy Family Office?
  • Did The Elite Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine?
  • The Pinnacle Returns With a Message for the Inner Circle
  • Total Annihilation! The Inner Circle Wreaks Havoc
  • Take a Look at AEW’s Newest Acquisition Andrade El Idolo
  • Is Team Taz on the Verge of a Total Implosion?

For complete results and the live blog for Dynamite this week click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here.