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AEW’s return to the road features theme shows, starts with an ass-whoopin’

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Next month, AEW will leave the familiar confines of Jacksonville’s Daily’s Place and head out on the road. For the first time since early last year, Dynamite (and Dark: Elevation and Dark) will start playing to packed houses around the country - or most of it, anyway... sorry West Coasters.

The first stop on this return-to-normalcy tour is Weds., July 7 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami. To commemorate the occasion, the company is busting out a theme show - AEW Road Rager. It’s also booked a stipulation match which should serve as the blow-off to a feud that’s been going on since March.

On Dynamite last night (June 11), QT Marshall cut off Cody Rhodes’ introduction of Arn Anderson’s son Brock to The Nightmare Family. The Factory head was angry Rhodes gave Anthony Ogogo credit for beating him last week, when it was Marshall that pinned Cody after Ogogo punched him.

That was part of a worked shoot rant about how “the IWC” doesn’t like Rhodes, but the folks who buy tickets do. So Marshall want to whoop Cody’s ass in front of as many of those fans as possible. Literally. So at Road Rager, the friends-turned-foes will have a Strap Match.

July 7 isn’t the only show getting a special name, but it is the only one getting a new special name. The rest of AEW’s first month in the road will use titles the company’s used each of the past two years.

Pumped for Road Rager, Fyter Fest, and Fight For the Fallen? More QT vs. Cody? Or just new venues with new faces in the seats?