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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (June 11, 2021): Rage against The Machine

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AEW Dynamite (June 11, 2021) emanated from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. The show featured Ricky Starks raging against “The Machine” Brian Cage, Cody Rhodes introducing a new second generation wrestler, and Miro defending the TNT Championship.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Rage against The Machine

The main event of the evening saw Hangman Page tag with 10 to battle the Team Taz duo of Brian Cage and Will Hobbs. It was a hard-hitting contest with a combustible finish.

Cage had momentum after a standing moonsault. That’s when Ricky Starks and Hook decided to present themselves ringside. The action progressed with Hangman taking charge for a slingshot plancha onto Cage, however, The Machine caught the cowboy. Cage tried to get cute with a power move on the floor, but Hangman countered with a hurricanrana into the ring post. Hangman went back to the air to land a moonsault on Hobbs in the ring. Hobbs rallied with a brutal running crossbody to flatten Hangman. 10 was forced to run in for the save on the pinfall.

When 10 was tagged in as the legal man, he hit a spinebuster to Hobbs. 10 attempted the full nelson submission, but Hobbs backed 10 into the corner. Cage and Hobbs flattened 10 with a high low double-team clothesline. 10 kicked out.

Hook created a distraction, so Starks could toss the FTW title belt to Cage. The Machine refused to cheat and tossed the foreign object down to the floor. At that point, Starks was enraged and slapped Cage across the face. The Machine gave chase as Starks retreated.

Hobbs held his own for a little bit, but the numbers game got him. 10 hit a cutter then Hangman connected on a buckshot lariat. 10 scooped up the pin to win. The Dark Order came out to celebrate with beer as the show closed.

The main event was a solid power match, but the real drama was Team Taz’s meltdown. Starks has a set of brass ones on him with the nerve to slap Cage. He raged against The Machine, then The Machine raged back. Good thing for Starks that his neck injury didn’t affect his backpedaling ability. It will be interesting to see how Taz can resolve this issue, if he so chooses to. Taz was on commentary and fully supported Starks’ actions. Of course, Cage could spin out on his own as well. That would make me wonder what happens to the FTW title in that divorce.

TNT Championship

Miro’s next TNT challenger came in the form of Evil Uno. AEW worked the emotional angle with a hype video discussing Uno’s connection to Mr. Brodie Lee.

Uno was no match for Miro. The Bulgarian Brute pretty much had his way with the masked man. Miro blasted Uno off the apron colliding into the guardrail. Stu Grayson and 5 ran down for support to cheer Uno into beating the count back into the ring. Miro decided to share Uno’s pain with his pals by sprinting to clothesline Grayson over the guardrail. 5 ran away, so Miro stripped off the turnbuckle pad to toss at him.

Since this is sports entertainment, Uno had the inevitable rally. He countered Miro with a jawbreaker then unloaded a flurry of punches, a hurricanrana, a big boot, and a flying senton atomico. Miro was down but still able to kick out on the cover.

The full Dark Order crew came out on stage to motivate Uno. Miro had the upper hand on a roll-up, however, Uno kicked out with enough force to send Miro into the exposed turnbuckle. Uno channeled the spirit of Mr. Brodie for a discus lariat. Miro just ate it across his massive chest to minimal effect.

The TNT champ fired back a lariat of his own. Miro cinched in the Game Over camel clutch, and Uno tapped out.

Miro is a killer, and AEW did him justice maintaining his image in this contest. I like the effort in storytelling trying to build up Uno. They tried to hammer home the connection between Mr. Brodie, the TNT title, and the Dark Order. I bet it would have been hot in front of a real live crowd. That said, I still never believed Uno had a chance at winning.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Christian Cage defeated Angelico. Matt Hardy and Jack Evans were ringside. Hardy explained that he hired the services of TH2 to end Christian’s career. The finish began when both wrestlers were dazed after colliding heads. Angelico charged into a pendulum kick from Christian. A diving European uppercut set the stage for the Kill Switch to give the win to Christian.

After the match, Christian engaged in fisticuffs with Evans. Hardy pounced from behind for a Twist of Fate to Christian. As he was setting up the Leech submission, Jungle Boy ran in to make the save.

Quality duel. Angelico worked the arm setting up for the rally by Christian. The coolest move of the contest came from Christian on a tornado reverse DDT. Christian continues to rack up wins against quality competition. He still doesn’t look ready for a title shot, but you can never count out a man with Christian’s level of experience.

Cody’s announcement. Cody Rhodes introduced his tag team partner for next week, Brock Anderson. Cody and Arn’s son will compete against QT Marshall and Aaron Solow. QT interrupted with a challenge for Cody. When paying fans return on July 7, QT wants a South Beach strap match. Cody was riled up and pulled off his own belt. Arn soothed the savage beast, then QT whipped Arn with his back turned. Brock surged for a takedown to land punches on QT’s mug.

It sounds like July 7 will finally be the blow-off between Cody and QT. The strap match stipulation should be interesting in providing pain. It is a curious choice by QT, since he won’t be able to escape. As for Brock Anderson, he truly looks like a chip off the old block. I have faith that he will perform well next week. I’m basing that on Jade Cargill, Shaquille O’Neal, Red Velvet, and Anthony Ogogo exceeding expectations in their big moments. I’m sure AEW will put Brock in positions to shine in his first match.

PAC, Pentagon, & Eddie Kingston defeated Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler. PAC was not on the same page as Kingston, but King eventually persuaded PAC to join together for a teamwork tandem flying attack down to the floor.

In the end, the Bucks and Cutler connected on a buckle bomb superkick combo to PAC. Cutler was given the chance at glory for a springboard elbow drop, but PAC evaded impact. Kingston came in the ring for a spinning backfist to Cutler, and PAC picked up the winning pin.

Immediately after the match, the Bucks pummeled their opponents. The Good Brothers ran in to lend a hand. Frankie Kazarian evened the odds to clear the ring. Kingston directed traffic for Kaz to flatten Cutler with a vicious clothesline. That set up an 8-man tag for next week.

Action aplenty in this trios bout. I appreciate all the little callbacks to previous weeks and consistency in the strained relationship between PAC and Kingston. Pentagon had the coolest move with a cazadora roll into a Mexican Destroyer on the Bucks.

Pinnacle responds to the Inner Circle. FTR, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow took promo turns accepting challenges from Santana & Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Hager respectively. MJF has nothing to prove against Chris Jericho, so he denied that match request.

Jericho popped up on the big screen to issue a warning about not giving the Inner Circle what they want. The crew proceeded to destroy the Pinnacle’s limousine. Hager rammed a forklift into the vehicle.

Good job by each member of the Pinnacle bringing intensity on the mic. I like how MJF did not accept another match against Jericho. MJF is correct in his assessment. I also like how the direction is pointing toward MJF versus Guevara. That is the match that could steal the whole series between these stables. The Inner Circle’s demolition of the limousine was a hoot. It added a lively spark to the scene.

Darby Allin’s decision. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page challenged Allin to choose a partner other than Sting for tag team combat. Allin chose no one. He will do it alone next week. Allin asked Sting to stay home. Sting protested but honored Allin’s request.

This promo came off odd for Allin. The delayed fist bump was awkward. I guess the takeaway is that he hurt Sting’s feelings? There was too much emo for me to get a read on it.

Later in the show, Sky and Page had a perfect response to Allin’s desire for a handicap match. All they wanted was for him to prove himself without Sting doing all the work, but Allin reacted like a sensitive child refusing to pick a partner. Page discussed the mental consequences that another loss could damage the mentally fragile Allin even more. They plan to use Allin as a stepping stone to build themselves up from here for the men of the year.

All I have to say is that Allin better lose to Sky and Page. I don’t like using the word burial in my analysis, but this would be a straight burial if Allin overcomes the odds to win.

Lance Archer defeated Chandler Hopkins. Jake Roberts was ringside. Squash. Archer blasted Hopkins on a springboard attempt. A sky-high chokeslam was followed by Blackout for victory.

Archer murdered. Not much to it. Commentary tried to keep his value strong as still in the title hunt mix with a few more wins.

Nyla Rose defeated Leyla Hirsch. Vickie Guerrero was ringside. Nyla blindsided Hirsch prior to the opening bell. Legit scored a quick armbar in the scuffle, but Nyla was too close to the ropes. Hirsch tried for a second armbar on the floor, however, Nyla swung her into the guardrail. The match progressed with Nyla in control but Hirsch executing athletic moves to stay alive. In the end, Nyla blocked a super hurricanrana to launch off the turnbuckles for a super Beast Bomb to win.

Hirsch displayed an enjoyable mixture of strategy and fire. I loved her power on the German suplex to the Native Beast. Nyla did well to put Hirsch in precarious positions. The transitions weren’t the cleanest in this bout, but the action was effective in the entertainment category.

Afterward, Schiavone interviewed Dr. Britt Baker DMD. She understands Nyla is jealous of Baker as champ. Nyla needs to the title to make her, whereas Baker makes the title.

Notes: Don Callis and Kenny Omega rolled footage of the conspiracy to screw Omega out of the world title at Double or Nothing. The video was directed by, “Michael Kurosawa.” Subtitles were inserted to provide fake conversations of referee Bryce Remsburg appearing to be crooked. Other than comedy, I’m not sure what value this adds to the story.

Jim Ross will host a sitdown interview with Andrade El Idolo next week. The luchador received a hype package as he dressed in Calvin Klein underwear, fancy jewelry, and a pinstripe suit.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Omega and Callis about the upcoming title contest against Jungle Boy. Callis claimed that JB is missing one key ingredient. That would be guts. Jungle Boy came down to the ring. Omega flapped his gums until Jungle Boy told him that he talks too much. A scuffle ensued. JB almost locked in the Snare Trap, but the Bucks ran in for the save.

Jade Cargill had Mark Sterling do the talking. He announced that their monetization plan is in full effect with marketing revenues up 43% across the board. Jade is receiving residuals from her catchphrase. I won’t type it here, because I don’t want to pay out of my pocket.

The Wingmen offered Orange Cassidy a spot in their makeover program. They will either rearrange his wardrobe, or Cezar Bononi will rearrange OC’s face. I assume the answer was no, because Bononi versus Cassidy was announced for next week.

Stud of the Show: Inner Circle

Leave it to the Inner Circle to steal the show with vehicular destruction. That was the most memorable scene for me. In the world of professional wrestling, property damage done with creativity and full force always puts a smile on my face. The sound alone of Jake Hager ramming the limo fills me with joy.

Dud of the Show: Darby Allin

It is a foolish decision by Allin to force himself into a handicap match against Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. We’ll see if it pays off. In my opinion, Sting was right that Allin has nothing to prove. After all the progress Allin made during his run with the TNT title, I hope he doesn’t regress into a numbskull daredevil.

Grade: B-

This was a decent show. As usual, the ring action was fine and story beats progressed step by step. I popped hard for the Inner Circle’s shenanigans and Ricky Starks slapping Brian Cage. I think the down point was that the show struggled to make me emotionally invested. That’s not for lack of effort. AEW tried to work their magic in several ways. It just didn’t connect much with me. Part of that might have been the transition from full crowd back to fake crowd. It lacked the organic feel.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?