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Eddie Kingston claims The Young Bucks broke an unwritten wrestling rule

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The Young Bucks have been over the edge lately in regard to their devious antics. This has caused an unlikely partnership between Eddie Kingston, PAC, and Pentagon, if for one night only. That trio will square off against the Bucks and Brandon Cutler tonight on Dynamite. On, “Road to Dynamite,” Kingston explained setting aside personal animosity with Death Triangle to beat up the Bucks for crossing an unwritten rule in professional wrestling.

“Road to Dynamite,” begins with a profile of Evil Uno and his TNT title opportunity against Miro. AEW tried their best for the sell-job to convince us that Uno has a chance not to be destroyed by Miro. In the second half, Kingston addressed his motive for saving Pentagon from a BTE Trigger by the Bucks.

Kingston believes that the Bucks went too far with their 4 BTE Trigger finish on Jon Moxley at Double or Nothing. Mox will be in a neck brace when picking up his daughter for the first time. Kingston saving Pentagon was a reaction to not let the Bucks put anyone else on the injury list.

Kingston: See, you reap what you sow in this world. You do one thing, there’s a reaction. This is my reaction to it. But, I wasn’t going to let you V-Trigger somebody else and put them on the shelf. There’s an unwritten rule in pro wrestling, dawg. You fight people, you beat them up, but you always make sure you get home safely. You guys broke that rule. I used to break that rule. Why do you think it took me 19 years to get here?

I like how AEW and Kingston are putting over the severity of the Bucks’ 4 BTE Trigger combo. It has put two people out of action so far. It happened to Moxley at Double or Nothing, and it happened to Fenix backstage on BTE. However, I’m not buying into Kingston’s claim about the unwritten rule, at least as it pertains to Moxley. Kingston is a man who recently came off a violent feud with Moxley over the AEW World Championship. His intent was to physically injure the former champ. Not to mention Kingston’s best friend, Pentagon, has a history of snapping arms. In my view, the Bucks’ 4 BTE Trigger bonanza to Moxley was fair game since it happened in a match. The line crossing occurred to Fenix and in setting up Pentagon after the match outside of sanctioned competition.

As for teaming with PAC and Pentagon, Kingston doesn’t have to get along with them. They just have to unite long enough to beat up the Young Bucks. Kingston closed by calling the locker room a bunch of cowards for ignoring how the Elite have run roughshod over AEW. It is now up to the locker room to defend the honor of AEW.

Does Kingston’s promo fire you up for tonight’s trios match on Dynamite? Do you agree with Kingston’s assessment of the Young Bucks violating an unwritten rule?