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Kenny Omega’s Impact world title match booked for AEW’s Daily’s Place

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At the end of last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, there was a cliffhanger that required Tony Khan’s mediation in regard to Kenny Omega versus Moose for the Impact World Championship at Against All Odds on June 12. Impact EVP Scott D’Amore desired adding Sami Callihan to make it a three-way due to the constant meddling from Omega and the Good Brothers. Don Callis didn’t want Omega anywhere near the psychotic Callihan. Callis pointed to Omega’s AEW contract requiring approval of the three-way from Khan. The AEW head honcho was called in to kick off this week’s episode Impact Wrestling to offer a solution.

Khan walked through the Forbidden Door into the Impact Zone.

Don Callis attempted to persuade Khan against adding Callihan. The Invisible Hand claimed that Callihan is on every promoter’s black list across the world. Callis mentioned the baseball bat incident crushing Eddie Edwards’s face as evidence. It would not be prudent to place the AEW World Champion in the ring with such a wild sociopath. Callis hyped his preference of Omega versus Moose as the best athlete in AEW versus the best athlete in Impact.

Much to Callis’ joy, D’Amore confirmed that the match at Against All Odds will remain a singles contest between Omega and Moose. Khan then offered his services for such a grand competition. In his mind, there is only one venue worth hosting the title match. Khan claimed that Daily’s Place is the top wrestling venue in the world. Omega versus Moose will take place at AEW’s home field.

Khan promised that AEW security will make sure Callihan does not interfere. D’Amore also clarified that both the Good Brothers and Callihan will have a match in the Impact Zone for Against All Odds. D’Amore added one final piece of news. The winner will go on to wrestle Callihan at Slammiversary on July 17.

The Forbidden Door is getting wilder by the week. To summarize, Against All Odds will take place at the Impact Zone in Nashville, TN. The main event of Omega versus Moose will take place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. This is like WrestleMania 2 all over again.

Impact’s Against All Odds event will air on the Impact Plus app at 8 pm ET on Saturday, June 12.

How do you rate Tony Khan’s appearance as an authority figure? Would you like to see Khan more active on screen for AEW? Does the new venue make you think a title change is more likely or less likely?