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Here’s Miro with another incredible promo ahead of his TNT title match on Dynamite

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Miro is scheduled to defend his TNT championship this Friday (June 11) on AEW Dynamite against Evil Uno.

It’s tempting to dismiss Uno as an easy opponent for Miro to crush. But the main point of a wrestling promo is to get you invested in an upcoming match. With that in mind, here is a promo exchange on Twitter between Miro and Evil Uno.

Miro does his best to get you to believe he will kill this man, and Evil Uno does his best to convince you otherwise.

Uno makes a valiant effort, but I’m giving this promo round to Miro. He has once again convinced me that he will murder the man standing across the ring from him on Dynamite. It’s probably in Evil Uno’s best interests to trick another member of the Dark Order into wearing his mask and getting in that ring with the TNT champion on Friday.

Does this promo exchange get you extra hyped for Miro vs. Evil Uno on Dynamite?