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Darby Allin’s latest bonkers spot looked very painful

After beating down Darby Allin and Sting to close last week’s Dynamite standing tall, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page got some mic time on May 5 to move the story future.

The ran down the fan favorites like good heels. Sky said Sting was a mosquito sucking the blood out of AEW. Page harkened back to his indie work with Allin, and informed those unfamiliar with their history of the injuries All Ego inflicted on the TNT champion.

Darby’d heard enough though, and flew in from stage right to flatten Page. Even though his mentor wasn’t with him, Allin held his own against the numbers... for a while. The scene took place on Daily’s Place top concourse, and you knew a big spot was coming.

Eventually, Sky leveled the champ with a trash can, and then it happened, Allin was helped to a painful looking trip down some concrete steps....


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