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Just put the damn title on Jungle Boy already

AEW held Double or Nothing last night (May 30, 2021) at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, and the presence of a full house of raucous fans had me feeling some kind of way (and I wasn’t the only one). They were every reminder of what makes pro wrestling worth watching, and, at least in my case, damn near reinvigorated my love for it.

It just felt so damn good to have people cheering for who they loved and booing who they hated.

To that end, there’s one guy in particular who stood out from all the rest, and who AEW should absolutely put the world title on immediately.

This guy right here:

I don’t know who decided to give him that song for an entrance theme but my god there has never been a better entrance theme for a wrestler in history, and it is PERFECT for a babyface just like him. It quite literally made me want to pay money to go to an AEW show just so I could be in the crowd singing along for it. The lack of fans over the past year is definitely influencing this but the last time I wanted to go to a show just for a moment like that was when I was a kid and just wanted to be at the arena for when Stone Cold’s glass hit.

Kenny Omega is great and all, but seriously, put the damn title on Jungle Boy right now. Or in two weeks when the match is planned.

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