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Tony Khan on Mark Henry signing, Lio Rush status, New Japan promo, Urbina firing

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As usual, AEW made President Tony Khan and several top stars available to the media after last night’s Double or Nothing PPV. Also as usual, Khan’s was the most newsworthy.

TK hit several trending topics coming out of a newsworthy few days for his company.

On the firing of Spanish language announcer Willie Urbina after he mocked Hikaru Shida’s accent on a live microphone during Friday’s Dynamite broadcast:

“I didn’t think there was any excuse. I was not happy. Afterwards, I heard what was said and having our commentators involved with what was said about her, who I also apologized to, I thought it was best for the company to make this decision.”

Tony Khan was also asked about his Friday night promo on WWE President Nick Khan and his reported talks with New Japan:

“I talked to New Japan - I asked them if they thought it would be a good idea and a good promo, and they thought it was great, and thought it would be a great promo, so it made sense. It was a big weekend for us, so it’s true, we have a lot of stuff going with New Japan, and everyone’s welcome to talk to each other in the wrestling business. But we’ve done some great stuff with New Japan just in the last few weeks, and I think we’re going to do a lot of great things going forward from everything we’ve talked about and agreed to. So I’m excited about it.”

A follow-up was asked about whether he talks to WWE. Khan said it’s “little stuff, mostly backchannel stuff,” and mentioned Chris Jericho and Steve Austin conversations leading to Jericho’s appearance on Broken Skull Sessions as an example.

TK addressed two new faces who showed up at Double or Nothing. Regarding the signing of Mark Henry:

“Mark Henry and I are friends, and Mark told me he was available and to do things that I would be really interested in doing. I thought that would be really interesting because he’s not only a good friend but a really respected person in the wrestling business. Not just a great wrestler, but a great mind, a great scout, and a great analyst in wrestling. He gives his opinions on the radio, but he provides great scouting reports and he really has helped mentor a lot of wrestlers in addition to being a great wrestling mind. And I think he could be not only a great on-air personality, but a great backstage influence. He’s a great friend and person, so it’s just great to have Mark in the AEW family, and it was great to announce it on such a special show.”

He also indicated that another wrestler currently on the roster will join Henry on commentary for the new Friday night show, Rampage. Khan also offered for a status update on the night’s other surprise appearance (and past Henry debate opponent), Lio Rush:

“I haven’t got pen to paper but Lio and I have a handshake where he can work here and New Japan. He wanted to keep working here and I think we’ve worked something good out on a handshake. I think he has a handshake with New Japan too and that’s what we’ve been doing and it’s been pretty good. I think it’s a good way to work. So far, so good.”

Thoughts on Khan’s thoughts, Cagesiders?

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